Mom Spanking Talk

Mom Spanking Talk

It all started on a hot summer day with a steamy conversation between a mother and her son. The sun was blazing down on them and sweat was dripping off their faces. The mother was trying to explain to her son why she believed that some discipline was needed in his life. She said, “I think it’s time we have a serious talk about spanking.”

Her son, who was just beginning to transition into adulthood, was taken aback by his mother’s suggestion. He furrowed his brow and tried to figure out what she was getting at. After all, nobody had ever spoken to him about this before, so he was a bit confused.

The mother continued, “I think you need to be spanked, son. I want you to understand that discipline is important and that it can be used to help you learn and grow into adulthood. I know I can’t be there every moment of your life, but I can make sure that you understand when you’re going wrong and how you should behave.”

The son, still uncertain of what his mother was suggesting, nodded in agreement. With that, the mother explained the logistics of spanking to her son. She told him that she was going to use her hand, a ruler and a belt to spank him. She said that each of these instruments would be used sparingly, but they would be used when necessary. She also explained that the pain associated with spanking was intended to be short-term and that it was not intended to hurt him long-term.

After the mother finished her lecture, she asked her son if he was comfortable with her decision and he said that he was. The mother then proceeded to prepare for the spanking. She took off her belt and tied it around her waist, then she took a ruler off the wall and set it down on the table.

Finally, the mother got down to business and began spanking her son. She started with the ruler, lightly tapping him on his bottom. She then moved on to her belt and began spanking him again, this time a bit harder. The son squirmed and winced with each spank, trying to get away from the pain. Through it all, the mother remained firm and consistent, continuing the spanking without any mercy.

After a few minutes, the spanking was over. The mother told her son to go to his room and think about what he had done wrong. She warned him that if he made any more missteps in the future, she would be spanking him again and that it would be even harder and more painful.

The son, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, silently went to his room and closed the door. He felt embarrassed and ashamed because he had let his mother spank him, and he felt embarrassed and ashamed because he had been wrong for doing what he did.

But despite all of this, the son was also feeling a strange sensation of arousal. He had never felt this kind of pleasure before, and he wasn’t sure what to make of it.

He wanted to experience this feeling again, so he decided to talk to his mother about it. He asked her if he could get spanked again, and she agreed. The son was relieved, and the two of them proceeded to enter into a sexual relationship.

The mother would spank her son whenever he misbehaved, but the spankings were increasingly more erotic in nature. After a few months of this, the mother and son began to engage in more explicit activities. They explored each other’s bodies and engaged in BDSM play. The mother would tie her son up, spank him and then make love to him.

One day, the mother and son decided to take things to the next level and they visited a local brothel. The son opted to have a session with a prostitute, and the mother allowed him to do so. The prostitute was kind and understanding, and she took her time spanking the son and exploring his body with her hands.

The session ended with the prostitute giving the son a blowjob, and the mother watched from the corner. The son found himself aroused by his mother’s presence, and after the session was over, he and the mother quickly left the brothel and headed home.

Once they got back home, the mother and son entered into a deeper sexual relationship. They would engage in spanking play and BDSM activities, and their sessions would often end with the mother giving her son a blowjob. The son found himself aroused by the mother’s attention, and he felt as if his mom were his secret sex partner.

The two continued their steamy relationship for many months, and eventually it dissipated as the son transitioned into adulthood. Although the mother and son never discussed the topic again, the spankings had made a lasting impression on the son and helped him understand the importance of discipline and respect. To this day, the son remembers his mother’s spankings with a special kind of fondness.

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