Mmf Romance

Her Hot MMF Romance

Alice could hardly believe her luck. She had always wanted to experience a hot MMF threesome, but had never had the chance. Until now. Her ex-boyfriend had suggested the idea, and she had jumped at it. As she sat in a bar, waiting for them to arrive, her heart raced in anticipation.

Alice had always been curious when it came to sex, and the excitement of a threesome seemed like the perfect way to explore her desires. She was dressed to impress, wearing a little red dress that highlighted her curves. As she finished her drink, she glanced up and saw two handsome men entering the bar.

Alice couldn’t help but smile as they made their way toward her. She noticed that they were both wearing dark suits, and that one of them had a beard. She felt her heart start to race as they approached her table.

The taller one spoke first. “Good evening,” he said, with a friendly smile. “We’re here to meet Alice.”

Alice couldn’t help but blush as she looked from one man to the other. She had expected them to be attractive, but she hadn’t expected them to be this handsome.

“Hi, I’m Alice,” she said, standing to greet them.

The two men both introduced themselves and shook her hand. They then invited her to sit down, and the conversation began. As they talked, Alice couldn’t help but feel aroused by their presence. They were both so suave and confident, and their eyes seemed to light up whenever they looked her way.

Finally, the conversation turned to sex. The taller man asked her if she’d ever had a threesome before, and Alice admitted she hadn’t. He then suggested that they explore it together, and Alice couldn’t help but agree.

The three of them left the bar and made their way to a nearby hotel. Once they were inside, they all agreed to take things slow and get to know each other better before they moved on to more intimate activities.

Alice spent the next hour chatting with the two men, learning more about them and what they were into. The conversation was fiery and flirty, and she could feel herself growing increasingly aroused by the moment.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of teasing, the two men made their move. The taller one pulled her in close and began to kiss her passionately, while the other one started to caress her body. The sensations were amazing and Alice felt like she was in heaven.

A few moments later, the taller one pushed her down onto the bed and began to undress her. She moaned in pleasure as he explored her body, kissing her neck and breasts before slowly moving down and licking her inner thighs.

The other man joined in, caressing her body and soon she was writhing in pleasure as both of them pleasured her simultaneously. They moved slowly and methodically, making sure she experienced as much pleasure as possible.

Alice soon found herself at the brink of an intense orgasm, but before she could reach it, the two men switched positions and the taller one began to penetrate her from behind. The sensation was overwhelming and Alice screamed out in pleasure as she felt his hard cock thrusting deep inside her.

The feeling was so intense that she almost couldn’t take it. But before long, she felt the orgasm building inside her and she let out an incredible scream as it exploded through her body.

Alice lay there afterwards, feeling completely spent. The two men kissed her softly and thanked her for the experience before they departed. She lay there in a satisfied bliss, feeling completely different than before they had arrived.

Alice had found the hot MMF threesome of her dreams, and she couldn’t wait to do it again.

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