Mistress Kidnap

Mistress Kidnap was the ultimate Femme Fatale. She was an experienced dominatrix whose specialty was kidnapping her victims and taking them to her secret dungeon.

It all started with a simple advertisement. Mistress Kidnap had posted an ad in a local newspaper looking for a willing victim. It quickly grabbed the attention of a young man named Tim, who had a secret yearning for the forbidden world that Mistress Kidnap hinted at in her ad.

Tim responded to the ad, and the two arranged to meet in a secluded alleyway. As soon as Tim arrived, he was overcome with fear, but he felt an undeniable excitement at the same time. Mistress Kidnap had brought him a bag of toys to use, and she quickly tied him up and blindfolded him.

As they drove to Mistress Kidnap’s secret dungeon, Tim felt a mixture of terror and arousal at being under the mercy of a powerful woman. When they arrived, Mistress Kidnap had Tim strip down and lay down on the bed. She tied him to the bed and began to explore his body. She touched, licked, and teased his nipples, and then moved down his body, exploring every inch of him with her hands, tongue, and lips.

Tim was in ecstasy as Mistress Kidnap continued her exploration. As her fingers moved down to his cock, Tim felt as if he were about to explode. But then, Mistress Kidnap suddenly stopped, leaving him in a state of frustrated anticipation. She then placed her hand around his throat and tightened her grip, pushing him closer and closer to the brink of pleasure and pain.

For the next few hours, Mistress Kidnap explored and tormented every inch of his body. She spanked and flogged him, teasing him with the promise of more pleasure coming. She then used a vibrator to drive him wild, and her finger to bring him to the edge of orgasm several times, only to stop and begin again. By the time she was done, Tim was completely drained and exhausted, but filled with a sense of profound pleasure and satisfaction.

When Mistress Kidnap was done with her victim, she freed him from his restraints and allowed him to leave. On his way out, she told him that he was now hers, and that if he ever wanted to experience her domination and pleasure again, all he had to do was call her.

For days afterwards, Tim thought about Mistress Kidnap’s offer and the pleasure she had brought him. Eventually, he found himself dialing the number and arranging to meet her again.

When the day arrived, Tim returned to Mistress Kidnap’s secret dungeon. This time, she had brought a different set of tools, including a sex swing and a strap-on. She controlled his body once again, pushing him to the edge of pleasure and pain, and then pushing him over the edge into an explosive orgasm.

As the night progressed, she explored his body in new and strange ways, using her tools to bring him to new heights of pleasure. By the time they were done, Tim felt completely spent and blissfully happy.

When Tim left Mistress Kidnap’s secret dungeon that night, he carried with him a newfound appreciation for the power of submission and the pleasure of being at the mercy of a powerful woman. He had been completely under Mistress Kidnap’s control, and she had given him the experience of a lifetime, a memory that he would treasure for the rest of his days.

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