Misstress Linda

It was a hot and humid night in Miami, and Misstress Linda was on the prowl. She had her eyes set on a handsome, young man in the bar, and she could already feel the heat rising in her body as she watched him move through the room. The way he moved, the way he spoke, it all made her senses race.

She made her way over to him and with a smile, introduced herself. He seemed a bit taken aback, but after a few moments of awkward conversation, he quickly warmed up to her. They talked for a little bit, and he laughed and flirted with her. Before long, they were both sharing drinks and having a wonderful time.

After a few drinks, they decided to leave the bar and go back to her place. She felt a rush of excitement as they walked through the door of her plush apartment. She was getting what she wanted, and she could feel her desire growing stronger with each passing moment.

Once in the bedroom, they started to make out passionately. Their tongues caressed as their hands explored each other’s body. They were like two hungry animals, hungry for each other’s touch. Misstress Linda took control, pushing him down onto the bed and straddling him. She kissed him hungrily, her hands exploring his body and bringing pleasure that he had never known before.

The passion between them was palpable, and soon they were both undressing each other. She took her time, savoring every moment of his body as she undressed him, her hands exploring his muscular frame. Her eyes sparkled with lust as she saw his body revealed to her.

Once naked, she took it a step further and began to tease him, lightly and slowly running her fingers over his body, making him moan with delight. She could feel his excitement as she touched him, and her own pleasure was escalating with each passing moment.

She then leaned down and began to kiss his neck and chest, lightly sucking on his nipples. She could feel his body quiver with each touch of her lips, and she increased the pleasure, exploring lower until she found the warmth of his arousal. She began to lick and suck, giving him pleasure like he had never felt before. His moans grew louder and his body writhed in pleasure as her tongue found its way around his hardness.

She then decided to take it one step further, and she moved down and took him in her mouth. She began to suck and lick, and the pleasure intensified with each passing moment. His body began to tremble and his breathing grew more and more rapid as she increased the intensity of her movements.

He could no longer take it, and he begged her to stop, as his body felt like it was about to burst. She, however, had other ideas, and instead decided to switch positions, taking him inside her. She rode him, her body moving in perfect harmony with him, her desire reaching its peak.

The pleasure was overwhelming, and they both let out a loud cry of delight as they both reached their climax. Afterward, they lay in each other’s arms, both completely satisfied and feeling content.

Misstress Linda had successfully tamed her prey, and she was in control once again. Her dominance and power brought her joy, and she smiled as she enjoyed the pleasure of the night.

The next morning, she left the man, leaving her mark on him forever. She may have never seen him again, but she knew he was thinking of her, and the pleasure she had given him. She had satisfied her desires and fulfilled her need for control, and she was pleased with the results.

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