Mimi Keene Underwear

Mimi Keene had been lusting after the provocative items from Mimi Keene Underwear for some time. She had scanned the pictures of their pieces online, imagining how their pieces would make her feel desirable and comfortable when she was in them. She had even taken the plunge and bought a few pieces of lingerie to try out.

Now, Mimi was taking a chance on a whole new level of confidence as she walked through the doors of the Mimi Keene Underwear boutique and was greeted by a smile from one of the saleswomen behind the counter.

“Can I help you find something special today?” the woman asked, her eyes twinkling with anticipation.

Mimi felt a warmth fill her body as she glanced around the shop, noticing the variety of pieces on display. She couldn’t help but feel aroused as she perused the racks of bras, panties, thongs, garters and more.

“I’m looking for something special, something that’ll make my husband sit up and take notice,” Mimi said, her cheeks a becoming pink.

The saleswoman smiled knowingly and motioned for Mimi to come closer. She pointed to an exclusive collection of Mimi Keene Underwear pieces that included a black lace teddy, a red and black thong, a sheer white babydoll and a black and red corset.

Mimi’s eyes widened as she scanned the selection. She couldn’t believe her luck. These pieces were even sexier than she had imagined.

“Oh my…these are really something,” she said, her eyes sparkling with delight.

The saleswoman smiled and handed her a pair of matching wristbands to go with her selection.

“These will make sure your husband won’t be able to take his eyes off you,” she said, winking.

Mimi thanked the woman and paid for her items before heading home. She couldn’t wait to try them on.

The moment she arrived home, Mimi rushed to her bedroom and began undressing. She took extra care to allow the lingerie its due admiration as she slowly peeled off her clothes and slid on the pieces from Mimi Keene Underwear.

Mimi stood in front of her mirror, her heart thumping in her chest as she admired the way the lingerie clung to her curves. She couldn’t help but feel aroused as she imagined her husband’s reaction when he saw her in the outfit.

Mimi posed in front of the mirror, her hands running along her body, touching her hips and breasts as she imagined her husband’s hands on her body. She undid her hair, allowing it to flow over her shoulders and back, as she imagined how it would feel like when her husband’s hands were running through her hair.

Mimi felt a gentle warmth growing inside of her as she imagined how it would feel like when her husband would slowly unzip the back of the teddy and allow his hands to explore her body. She imagined how exciting it would be if he used his skilled fingers to bring her to new heights of pleasure.

Mimi closed her eyes and imagined taking off the teddy for her husband, allowing him to see every bit of her body, as she slowly and seductively removed every piece of lingerie from her body. Feeling her desire grow, Mimi ran her hands over her body, rubbing her nipples and running her fingers along her neck and shoulders.

The next moment, there was a knock at the door. Mimi jumped, startled out of her sweet reverie. She quickly put her clothes back on and opened the door to her husband. He looked her up and down and smiled.

“You look absolutely stunning,” he said appreciatively.

Mimi blushed and stepped aside to let him in. She couldn’t contain the excitement bubbling inside of her as she imagined how it was going to be when her husband finally took off her lingerie.

Mimi and her husband walked to the bedroom, where he wasted no time in taking off her lingerie. He pulled the teddy off her body and then the thong and corset, leaving her completely naked.

Mimi felt a thrill run through her body as she lay down on the bed and felt her husband’s hands on her shoulders and then running over her body. He left no part of her body untouched, as his skilled fingers explored her body.

With each touch, Mimi felt her desire for him rising, until it reached a fever pitch. His tongue traveled along her body and then his lips met hers in a passionate kiss. Mimi felt her body ignited with pleasure as her husband kissed and touched her body until she was moaning with pleasure and begging for more.

Mimi continued to moan and writhe in delight as her husband’s hands and lips explored her body until she finally reached her peak and arched her back in pleasure. Her husband followed shortly after and they were both left completely satisfied.

Mimi lay happily in her husband’s arms, feeling completely satisfied and more alive than ever before. She felt a confidence and power that wearing the Mimi Keene Underwear had given her, and knew that her husband had noticed the difference in her. She felt like she could take on the world and she had never felt sexier.

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