Milfs Abused

Milf Abused – A Steamy Sex Story

The sun was setting, the sky growing dark and a full moon was just starting to show itself in the sky above. A cool autumn evening was just beginning, the evening of Milf Abused. That evening would prove to be a very special evening, the evening of the most taboo of sexual arousal.

Gina was a 45 year old woman, a mother of three children and a wife of over 20 years. She had a well-paying job, a nice house and a loving family. But all of that was to change that evening.

Gina had been feeling a little unfulfilled in her marriage lately. Her husband was a nice guy but didn’t seem to know what to do to satisfy her anymore and the one night stand she had last month only made the situation worse. She desperately wanted something more out of life and she wanted it now.

So, on that special evening, she decided to go out and indulge in some forbidden pleasures. She took a taxi to an exclusive club in the city, a place known for its illicit activities and its patrons of power and wealth.

Gina stepped out of the cab and was greeted by a doorman who checked her ID before admitting her. Once inside, she was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the club. Everywhere she looked there were scantily clad women, some engaged in activities that only those in the know were privy to. And, everywhere she looked, there were men eagerly eyeing her with lustful looks.

But, it wasn’t until she was approached by an attractive older man that she realized something special was about to happen. This man had a charisma and magnetism that drew her in like a moth to a flame. He was handsome and very confident in himself, his eyes full of passion for this beautiful woman in front of him.

He introduced himself as Josiah and told her that he was an experienced “abuser” and that he was there to fulfill her darkest fantasies. Upon hearing this, her heart skipped a beat and she knew that this was it, this was the night where everything was going to change.

Without hesitation, she accepted his offer and they went to a private room in the back of the club where he could have his way with her. He slowly undressed her, his hands caressing her body, his mouth exploring her lips. His touches were gentle yet commanding, passionate yet powerful. She felt a surge of excitement as he explored her body and it wasn’t long before she was moaning in ecstasy.

As her arousal increased, Josiah became more aggressive. He pushed her onto the bed and began biting and sucking on her nipples. His fingers moved inside of her as he licked and sucked on her pussy, his tongue finding that special spot that made her shudder with pleasure.

Then, he moved up and began grinding his hardness against her, his thick cock pushing her against the bed as he pounded into her. He fucked her hard and fast, his thrusts getting faster and deeper as he got closer to his climax.

Gina felt like she was in a dream, it felt so naughty and taboo that she couldn’t believe she was being so pleasured and giving in to it. But, she couldn’t deny the pleasure that washed over her as he drove himself inside of her and brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally, after several minutes of intense pleasure, Josiah exploded inside of her and Gina felt a sensation of pleasure she had never experienced before. She felt alive and free, liberated and empowered. She embraced the intensity and pleasure of the experience, grateful for the pleasure it had given her.

As she lay there in Josiah’s arms, she felt a sense of satisfaction and calm. She had fulfilled her deepest desires and felt like she had been truly pleasured. She had been Milf Abused and it felt amazing.

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