Meet Crossdressers

Meet Crossdressers – An Erotic Sex Story

John and Mary had been married for three years when they developed an interest in exploring different types of sexual activities. They had explored BDSM and roleplay, and even considered trying swinging, but one activity they had yet to tackle was cross dressing. They had talked about it before, but never actually done it.

One day, John decided to take matters into his own hands and search for a local cross dressing club. After doing some research, he discovered one in the city, called Meet Crossdressers. He invited Mary to join him, and she happily obliged.

When they arrived at the club, they were both surprised at how inviting the atmosphere was. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and they quickly made some new friends. They visited the dressing room, where they found a variety of clothing and accessories for them to try on. They spent hours playing dress up and having fun, before finally deciding to return home.

Back home, John and Mary were both feeling very aroused. They’d had a great time at the club and were both eager to explore their new found sexuality further. That night, they took their role-playing to the bedroom, pretending to be two different people.

John dressed up as a she-male prostitute, complete with a skirt, fishnet stockings, and a long, curly blonde wig. He felt very sexy in his outfit, and Mary couldn’t help but be drawn to him. She was curious about what it felt like to be with someone who identified as a she-male, and she wanted to find out.

The two of them spent hours exploring each other, kissing and caressing and discovering new sensations. They explored each other’s bodies, experimenting with all kinds of different positions. Mary was especially aroused by John’s she-male body, and as they continued to play, they both found themselves getting increasingly aroused.

John couldn’t help himself – he wanted to take things further. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom, then proceeded to get Mary in the mood by licking her clitoris, teasing her nipples with his teeth, and finally slipping his cock inside of her. Mary moaned in pleasure as John thrust deeply, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, she let out a loud scream as she felt her body being taken over by wave after wave of pleasure.

Afterwards, John and Mary lay side by side in each other’s arms, content and satisfied. They both knew that their relationship had taken a new, exciting turn – and that there would be much more to come.

Since that night, John and Mary have attended many more Meet Crossdressers events, exploring their newfound desires and meeting others who share their interests. They now look forward to every new event, eager to experience the wild, passionate sex they have come to enjoy.

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