Matron Spanking

Matron Spanking

Alice was the matron of a small boarding school for girls, and she liked to keep a tight rein on the girls she took care of. She knew that she could not always be everywhere and watching them, but she didn’t want them to get away with any misbehaviour, so she resorted to a system of matron spanking.

It wasn’t an overly severe punishment – it was just a swift, hard spanking over the girl’s tight school uniform. If a girl had been caught misbehaving, Alice would take her into her office and after a stern lecture on the consequences of the misdeed, she would give the girl a firm smacking over her skirt. It was usually enough to keep the girls in check and usually Alice would follow up with a lecture on why the girl was being punished and what she should have done in the situation instead.

The girls knew that if they got caught breaking a rule, they would get a matron spanking, so they usually tried to stay on their best behaviour. However, Alice’s system of discipline went far beyond just spanking when she caught them breaking a rule. She also had a preference for certain methods of discipline that involved more than just a slap on the butt.

Alice liked to punish the girls with what she called “role-playing”, where she would put them into a certain role and then administer punishment in that role. For instance, if a girl had been caught stealing from the school, Alice would make her put on a revealing dress and pretend she was a prostitute. Then, Alice would spank her, making her realize how wrong it was to steal. This was usually enough to make the girl think twice about breaking the rules, and it kept her and the other girls in line.

Alice also had a fondness for the “slutty” look. If a girl had broken a rule, Alice would make her dress up in a revealing outfit and then send her out of the school. The girl would often get leers and catcalls as she walked down the street, and when she returned, Alice would give her a spanking for being so provocative.

Alice had a special room in her office where she could spank the girls in private. She had installed a large space with a special chair and straps for restraining the girls if necessary. When Alice took a girl in for a spanking, she would instruct her to take off her skirt and knickers and get into the spanking chair. Then, Alice would give the girl a hard spanking, talking to her all the while about why she deserved to be punished.

Alice even had special spanking implements for the more serious punishments. She had a strap and a paddle, which she was not afraid to use if a girl had really messed up. She would give the girl a stern lecture before using the strap or paddle, and the girls usually knew that they deserved it.

Alice’s methods of punishment had kept the girls in line for many years. They knew that she was tough but fair, and they respected her for it. Alice had also developed a special bond with the girls, and they felt comfortable enough to approach her with their problems.

Alice knew that her methods of discipline were unconventional, but she was sure that they were the best way to keep the girls in check. She had seen the results of her work, and she knew that the girls respected and appreciated her for it. Matron spanking was her special way of keeping the girls out of trouble, and she was proud of her success.

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