Married To My Boss

It was the usual 9 to 5 day at the office. I was the typical type A personality assistant, making sure my boss had everything he needed and taking care of his daily tasks. I had been with the company for nearly two years, and I had certainly developed a rather unique and intimate relationship with my boss.

The office had been engulfed in a steamy heatwave for weeks and the temperatures were only increasing. It was beginning to take its toll on the workplace. Everyone was more irritable than normal, and the air was thick with tension and desire.

I had to admit, I was feeling the heat too. And I had to admit that my mind had been wandering more and more to thoughts of my boss. It was becoming increasingly harder to concentrate on the mundane tasks of my job.

My thoughts kept coming back to my boss; his handsome face, his broad shoulders, his authoritative presence. I had a secret fantasy about my boss, and it was driving me crazy. I fantasized about how it would feel to be taken by him, to feel his strong arms around me and his body pressed against mine.

I had to do something to cool down my intense desire. So I decided to take a break from the office and take a walk to clear my head. As I walked, I passed a nearby brothel and my imagination ran wild. I wondered what it would feel like to be in the company of a paid escort for a night.

My mind kept coming back to thoughts of my boss, and I started to think, “What if I was married to my boss?” Instantly, I felt overwhelmed with desire as my heart began to flutter.

I decided to take a risk and paid a visit to the brothel. I was nervous at first but the sight of the beautiful and sophisticated escorts helped to alleviate my fear. After much deliberation, I decided to hire an experienced escort for the evening.

We went back to her room, which was richly decorated and smelled of exotic perfumes. I had never done something so daring and I was already feeling incredibly aroused.

The escort began to make small talk and said, “It’s nice to find someone who is married to their boss. It’s a common fantasy for many people.”

My heart skipped a beat as I realized that this was my chance. I told her my secret desire; to feel my boss’s body against mine and to experience a night of pure ecstasy.

She listened intently and then began to undress me. The feel of her hands on my body sent waves of pleasure through me. She touched me in ways I had never been touched before, and it felt incredible.

The energy between us was palpable and soon we were in the throes of passionate lovemaking. She was an experienced and skilled lover and I soon found myself lost in the pleasure of the moment.

As I lay spent in her arms afterwards, I realized that this was exactly what I had been craving. I realized that I wanted to experience this sort of pleasure every night, and I wanted it to be with my boss.

The next day I returned to the office with a new outlook. I was determined to make things happen with my boss and prove to him that I was ready to move to the next level in our relationship.

It didn’t take long for my plan to work. That evening, my boss and I went out for dinner and ended up back at my place. It was the first time we had been alone like this and the energy between us was electric. We shared a passionate kiss, and I knew that I was finally going to fulfill my fantasy of making love to my boss.

He took control and began to undress me. His hands were strong and his touch was confident and exhilarating. I surrendered to him and felt my body open up to every pleasurable sensation.

The experience was intense and as we reached our climax, I felt for the first time that I was truly married to my boss. We had become one through our shared experience and I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time.

From that night on, my secret fantasy became a reality. We continued to explore our desires and fulfill each other’s fantasies in countless nights of uninhibited pleasure.

My boss and I have never regretted our decision to make our relationship more than just professional. We have found a connection that is deep, passionate, and at times, quite naughty. And while there are still days when we find ourselves in the mundane tasks of our office life, we always find a way to sneak off and reclaim our marriage…in the bedroom.

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