Man Fucks Bitch Dog

Man Fucks Bitch Dog

Spencer was feeling particularly naughty tonight and decided to take his girlfriend, Sarah, out for a night on the town. He wanted to take her to a special place and show her how much he appreciated her. The two decided to go to a seedy underground brothel in the heart of the city.

Sarah was nervous but excited at the prospect of visiting a brothel and Spencer was eager to show her the pleasure she could find in the seedier side of life. The two arrived at the brothel and were immediately greeted by a tall, muscular man wearing a tailored suit. He smiled warmly and ushered them into the brothel.

Once inside, Spencer and Sarah were struck by the sexual nature of the brothel. The walls were covered in explicit pictures and sculptures of different sexual acts. There were also several doors leading to different private rooms. The air was heavy with the smell of sex and desire.

The brothel had a wide range of sexual services available and the proprietor, a man with a thick French accent, greeted them warmly. He promised them an unforgettable experience and offered them the services of a selection of women and a selection of bitches.

Spencer and Sarah were shocked by the offer but then the proprietor whispered that the bitches were the most talented and experienced of them all. He promised them a night of pleasure that they would never forget.

After much deliberation, Spencer and Sarah decided to take him up on his offer and chose a bitch named Max. She was a beautiful black poodle with a thick coat of fur, long legs and a seductive stare. She seemed to be able to sense their excitement and took their hands in her own as they walked into one of the private rooms.

Once inside, Spencer and Sarah could feel the heat emanating from Max’s body as she moved closer to them. She began to lick their faces and hands, her tongue running over the smooth skin of their faces and necks. This slowly but surely aroused them even more and her attentions increased until they were both hot and bothered.

Max pulled them closer and then proceeded to kiss them passionately. Her lips moved over theirs and they reciprocated hungrily, exploring each other’s mouths with their own tongues. Spencer and Sarah felt their passion boil over and started to strip each other of their clothing.

Before long, Spencer was lying back on the bed naked, his cock hard and ready for action. Sarah straddled his body while Max perched herself in between them. The poodle started to lick and suck on Spencer’s cock, her tongue flicking over his shaft and teasing his balls.

He felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge, his moans of pleasure increasing as he was driven wild with pleasure. Sarah then joined in, sucking and licking his cock as well and the two of them drove him to the point of no return.

With a final cry of pleasure, Spencer released himself into the waiting mouths of the two women. He felt his body relax and the feeling of ecstasy wash over him. Sarah then moved up onto the bed, Max following suit, and the two of them continued to pleasure him until he had completely finished.

When they were done, Spencer lay there feeling completely satisfied and more than a little embarrassed. Max, however, seemed unperturbed as she licked his face and hands in a sign of affection. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead in return.

The three of them left the room and went back out into the brothel, Spencer and Sarah a little unsteady on their feet. They made their way back to the entrance and thanked the proprietor for such an amazing experience.

Spencer and Sarah left the brothel with a newfound appreciation for Max and the pleasure she had shown them. Who knew that a dog could be so talented in the art of pleasure? They had learned a valuable lesson that night and would never forget the experience of Man Fucks Bitch Dog.

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