Man From Uncle Fan Fiction

It had been a while since Ilya had seen the beautiful Napoleon Solo. He had been off on one of his secret missions, something that kept the two of them apart way too often since they had become a couple. But today, Ilya had a surprise waiting for Napoleon when he returned home.

Ilya opened the door, finding Napoleon standing in front of her wearing his dark brown fedora and an outfit that made her heart race. She had never seen him dressed like this before and it made her feel giddy. She knew from the look on his face that he was happy to see her too, his eyes twinkling with mischief and desire as he peered at her from beneath the brim of his hat.

Without a word, Ilya stepped into his arms and their lips met in a passionate embrace. Neither of them wanted the moment to end, so they stayed locked in each other’s arms until the kiss finally came to an end.

In a moment of boldness, Ilya grabbed the hem of Napoleon’s shirt and pulled it up over his head, revealing his muscular chest and tight abs that made her heart skip a beat. She allowed her fingers to trace the contours of his body before dropping to the waistband of his pants, tugging them down and kicking them aside. The sight of his aroused body made Ilya’s breath catch and she could feel herself getting more and more aroused.

Napoleon bent down and kissed her neck, trailing his lips up to her ear, where he whispered softly, “I’ve been wanting this for so long.”

Hearing his words made Ilya’s toes curl and she responded by pushing him down onto the bed, straddling his hips with her legs. She wanted to please him and show him just how much she desired him, in a way she never had before.

Slowly, Ilya began to undress, revealing her curves and the soft skin beneath. Napoleon watched, mesmerised, as she teased him by tracing her nipples around the palms of his hands. He couldn’t take the sight of her any longer and quickly rolled Ilya over onto her back, returning the favour and undressing her while they kissed passionately.

She gasped as Napoleon caressed her body with his fingers and tongue, exploring every inch of her skin. He moved his lips lower, slowly licking and teasing her inner thighs until she was trembling with pleasure. She struggled to contain her desire for him as she felt him press his member against her entrance.

The intensity of their lovemaking was too much for Ilya and she could feel her orgasm building. She begged for release and Napoleon complied, thrusting deep inside of her, deeply and passionately. She cried out in pleasure and Napoleon responded by driving harder and faster, pushing Ilya into a state of pure ecstasy.

Finally, the two lay in each other’s arms, exhausted but content. The passion they shared was something that Ilya couldn’t deny and she knew that it wasn’t going away anytime soon. Words couldn’t express the depth of her feelings for Napoleon, but she hoped that her body’s reactions would speak louder than words ever could.

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