Louise Redknapp Nipples

Louise Redknapp had dark brown hair and a stunning figure. Her curves were a sight to behold and her nipples were an especially enticing feature. Whenever Louise donned a tight blouse or revealing dress, her nipples seemed to stand at attention, begging for attention. As a result, Louise always felt a bit embarrassed in social situations, especially when her nipples were prominently on display.

One night, Louise decided to do something about her perpetual nipples hard-on. She changed into a skimpy dress with a plunging neckline and headed out to a local nightclub. As she walked in, she felt a rush of anticipation and the familiar twinge of arousal as the eyes of the men around her seemed to zero in on her nipples.

Louise quickly spotted the dance floor and walked over to join the other revelers. She swayed her hips to the music and felt her nipples stiffen as her excitement built. Just when she thought she could take no more, a man stepped onto the dance floor and boldly grabbed her waist.

The man’s hands were strong and sent a jolt of pleasure through Louise’s body. He pulled her close and before she knew it, they were locked in a passionate kiss. His lips roved over her neck and chest and his tongue teased her hard nipples until Louise felt as though she was ready to explode.

The man swept her up into his arms and carried her off the dance floor. They stumbled into a secluded hallway and he pinned her against the wall. His hands quickly explored her body and soon his fingers were running ever so lightly over her nipples. The sensation was like electricity and Louise moaned in pleasure.

The man pulled her even closer, pressing his hard body against hers. He began toying with her nipples, teasing and stroking them until Louise could barely contain herself. His hands moved down to her waist and he started to massage her inner thighs. Louise gasped as his fingers teased their way along her slit and then he began rubbing her clit.

He pulled her panties aside and thrust one finger deep into her wetness, causing her to moan louder than ever. He then spun her around and bent her over. He yanked her dress up and pushed down his pants. Then without warning, he thrust deep into her tightness.

Louise felt as though her entire body was on fire as her tightness was filled with his manhood. He pulled out and then thrust in again and again. Louise found herself unable to hold back her excitement as her nipples hardened even more.

The man started to thrust harder and faster and soon, Louise was screaming and panting uncontrollably. She came hard and in a matter of seconds, the man followed and filled her with his hot cum.

When it was all over, Louise’s nipples were still rock hard. Her body tingled and her heart pounded. She had never experienced anything like it and she knew his was an experience she would never forget.

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