Lesbian Cum Slaves New Challenge

Lesbian Cum Slaves New Challenge


Lesbian cum slaves had always been a new and exciting challenge for two daring and courageous women. The challenge of pushing the boundaries of lesbian sex to new heights and tests, pushing their sexual limits and engaging in lengthy and steamy sessions. Two women exploring each other’s bodies and exploring the limits of their own physical and mental endurance, the possibilities were endless.

But a new challenge was presented that neither of them had ever tried before. To become cum slaves to each other and explore the depths of their own sexual pleasure.

The Idea

The idea was simple. The two women would be taking turns to be the dominant one and the other the submissive. The submissive would have to please the dominant one to the fullest extent possible and the dominant one would have to bring her submissive to the highest level of pleasure she could reach.

The dominant one would start the session by commanding the submissive to do whatever they wanted. The submissive had to do whatever they were commanded to do, regardless of what it was. From kissing each other’s bodies to exploring each other’s most intimate parts and experimenting with different positions and methods to bring each other pleasure.

The Experiment

The first time they decided to try this experiment, the two women agreed to stay in the same room for two hours with the blinds closed and no one allowed to enter or leave the room. The dominant one instructed the submissive to take off all her clothes and to remain completely naked.

The dominant took her position on the bed and commanded the submissive to come to her. As the submissive crawled towards her, the dominant took hold of her and ordered her to begin kissing and licking her body.

The submissive did as she was commanded and began exploring the dominant’s body with her mouth and tongue. Her caresses and licks were gentle yet firm and the dominant soon found herself becoming aroused by the submissive’s devotion and care for her.

The dominant then commanded the submissive to perform oral sex on her. The submissive complied and began licking and sucking the dominant’s body. She explored every inch of her body and left no corner of her unpleasured. As the session went on, the dominant’s levels of pleasure kept increasing until she reached her peak and begged for the submissive to stop.

The submissive then switched roles and became the dominant one. She commanded the other to lay on her back and asked the submissive to explore the limits of her pleasure. The submissive complied and explored the dominant’s body, taking her time to caress, lick, and suck her way around her body. As the session went on, the dominant also reached her peak and begged the submissive to stop.


The two women had taken their experiment in lesbian cum slaves to a whole new level. By exploring each other’s bodies and pushing the boundaries of their sexual pleasure, they had discovered a whole new depths of their own pleasure.

The experiment had ended in an explosive climax, with both women completely satisfied and exhausted from the experience. This new experiment had tested their limits and pushed them to discover new levels of pleasure that neither of them had explored before.

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