Latex Panties

Latex Panties: An Erotic Story

Claire had always loved wearing latex panties, the way the fabric molded around her curves, enhancing her figure and leaving nothing to the imagination. She’d been wearing them since she was a teenager, and now that she was in her thirties, they had become quite a fashion statement. She was a perfectionist, and had her collection of latex panties in all the different colors, designs, and styles, with each one chosen to flatter her body.

Tonight, she had gone out with some friends and decided that she’d wear a pair of her favorite black latex panties. She slipped them on, and the fabric clung to her hips, accentuating them and making her feel incredibly sexy. She couldn’t help but admire the way the fabric highlighted her curves, and she smiled as she adjusted the straps and ran her fingers around the waistband.

Claire had been out for a few hours, and the night was drawing to a close. She said her goodbyes to her friends and decided to take a cab home. As she entered the car, she immediately felt the driver’s gaze upon her body. His eyes had locked onto her curves, and she could see that he was aroused. She had no issue with this, however, and in fact, she kind of enjoyed it.

As the cab began to move, she felt his eyes still studying her figure, and she couldn’t help but give him a seductive smile. The driver returned her smile, and then began to whisper something in her ear. Claire couldn’t quite make out what he said, but she could tell that his words were erotic and provocative.

The car continued to move, and soon the driver began to run his hands all over her body. She welcomed the touches, and soon she felt his hands slip underneath her tight black latex panties. She bit her lip, enjoying the sensation of his fingers as they rubbed against her soft skin.

Claire closed her eyes and savored the feeling, then opened them and saw the driver looking at her with a mischievous glint in his eye. He then began to kiss her neck and move his hand further down her body. His fingers explored her inner thighs, then delved into her wetness, teasing and playing with her.

Claire felt her body become aroused, and she moved her hips to meet his hand, wanting to get as much of the pleasure as possible. The driver kept going, exploring her body in ways she’d never thought possible, and soon her orgasm was building. She let out a moan as the pleasure coursed through her body, and the driver’s own orgasm followed soon after.

He pulled out and smiled at her, then wiped himself off and helped her to straighten her clothing. She thanked him for the pleasure, and he returned the sentiment, then drove her to her apartment.

As she entered her apartment, she felt energized and alive. She’d never experienced anything like that before, and for the first time ever, she was completely satisfied with her body. She smiled to herself, feeling like she’d just been a part of the ultimate sexual experience, and she knew that the tight black latex panties she was wearing had brought that pleasure to life. She was sure she’d be wearing them often from now on.

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