Kimberley Walsh Feet

Kimberley Walsh had long been admired for her feet. Her long shapely legs were accentuated by the gentle curves of her feet. She was the envy of all her friends who would often linger and admire her feet and their beautiful curves.

It was no surprise to her that her husband, Adam, was so obsessed with her feet. He often found himself fantasizing about them, noticing their shape and curves as he touched them gently. He loved to look at them and admire their beauty, wishing that he could one day kiss and caress them.

One night, Adam finally got his wish and had Kimberley in his arms. They had been married for 15 years, but the passion between them was still burning as bright as ever. He could feel the heat radiating from her body and knew that tonight, he would get to experience the passion of her feet for the first time.

He started by gently touching her feet, enjoying the feeling of the soft skin between his fingers. He kissed them tenderly, enjoying the sensation of her skin against his lips. He moved his hand up to her ankles, stroking them with his fingertips as he kissed them more deeply.

He felt her body heat up and noticed that her breathing had become more labored and her heart was racing faster. This only made him want her more, and he responded in kind, increasing the intensity of his caresses. His hands traveled further up her legs, caressing every inch of her body, exploring her curves and contours.

Finally, he arrived at her inner thighs and could feel her trembling with anticipation. His tongue moved slowly up her inner thighs, alternately licking and sucking her with each motion. His hands moved further up, massaging her legs as he went. He could tell that she was enjoying every moment of his touch and wanted to take things even further.

He moved his hands back down her legs, his hands exploring every inch of her body. He reached her feet once again, and started to suck on each toe individually. She gasped in pleasure as he licked and sucked each toe, alternating between them with each movement.

He moved his mouth up her legs, continuing to suck and lick as he went. His hands moved up to her knees, caressing and massaging them as he went. His tongue moved up her inner thighs, licking and kissing each inch of skin. She trembled in pleasure as he reached the apex of her thighs, her anticipation rising with each movement.

He paused for a moment before continuing his exploration, giving her a chance to savor the moment. Finally, he reached her ultimate pleasure center. He licked and sucked expertly, exploring her with each movement. She moaned and gasped as his tongue descended lower and lower. His hands moved up to her buttocks, massaging and caressing them as he pleasured her with his mouth.

Suddenly, her moans increased in intensity as she came, her orgasm crashing over her body in waves. She held onto him tightly, the pleasure too intense to be contained. As the last of her pleasure dissipated, Adam moved away and kissed her tenderly.

Kimberley looked into her husband’s eyes and smiled. She had been dreaming about this night for a long time and she was glad it had finally happened. She lay in his arms, enjoying the warmth and passion of the moment, content to just be in one another’s arms.

As they embraced, Kimberley’s feet were still tingling from their pleasurable experience. She knew that she would never forget this night and would remember her husband’s passion and attention to her feet for a long time to come.

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