Incest Chat

Once upon a time, there was a young couple who needed something a little extra in their relationship. They wanted to spice things up, and they had heard about Incest Chat, a chatroom site available to all who are interested in exploring the forbidden taboo of incest.

They stumbled upon the site and decided to check it out. The site was full of people who wanted to engage in all sorts of steamy activities, from talking to hot and heavy cyber sex. The couple was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

The wife went first and created an account. She chose a username that the couple could both share and started poking around the site. She read some stories, browsed some profiles, and even found some virtual games to play. As she explored, she gradually grew bolder. She chatted with some people and found that the conversations were quite stimulating.

Eventually, she worked up the courage to start chatting with someone. She opened a private chat window with an attractive man who was also interested in exploring this taboo subject. She was nervous but eager to dive in, so she quickly dove into the conversation.

The two talked about all sorts of things, from their past experiences with the taboo, to their fantasies and desires. The conversation quickly grew heated and soon the two were trading steamy stories, inciting each other to greater heights of arousal and exploration.

Soon enough, they had moved on to more explicit talk, talking in detail about all sorts of naughty sex acts. They talked about sucking, blowjobs, fucking, kissing, pussy licking, dick sucking, ass licking, anal sex, slutty roleplay, and more. It was incredibly arousing, but they were still uncomfortable taking that final plunge and moving to the next level.

The man then suggested they take the conversation to a webcam chat room. They agreed and made their way to the room. There, they could see each other as they talked, which opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. They watched each other as they talked, sending each other dirty looks and flirty smiles.

Their conversation had become even more explicit, and arousal was high. The man asked if she was ready for some real action. She bit her lip and blushed, but said yes. He then asked if she was ready to explore the world of escort and prostitution.

She hesitated, but then agreed. They discussed a few possibilities and then reached an agreement. She said she was ready and the man gave her a few instructions. He told her to go to a specific brothel and ask for a certain escort. She followed his instructions, nervously walking down the street toward the brothel.

Once she arrived, she asked for the escort and was quickly taken to a room. Once inside, the escort showed her around and explained the rules. Nervously, she agreed to the terms and followed the escort to a bed.

The escort then started to undress her. First, he removed her top and then he took off her jeans. She blushed and felt incredibly exposed, but at the same time incredibly aroused.

Once she was completely naked, the escort started to slowly and sensually lick and suck her body. She felt like she was in heaven, and the combination of pleasure and fear pushed her arousal even higher.

The escort then moved to her pussy, licking and sucking her clitoris until it was swollen with pleasure. She started moaning in pleasure, and the escort thought that was the perfect time to move on to the main event. He removed his pants and started to push his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. The sensations were out of this world and she had never felt anything like it.

The sex was amazing and the couple had an incredible time exploring each other. Eventually, they finished and the escort left the room. Afterwards, the couple talked about the experience, and both agreed that it had been a memorable and exciting experience.

The couple continued to explore and chat on Incest Chat, and they even made plans to meet in person so they could continue exploring their taboo desires. They know that with Incest Chat, the possibilities are endless, and they can’t wait to explore more…

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