Husband Spanked Me

Husband Spanked Me – A Steamy Hot Sexual Tale

My husband and I had been married for ten years. We had a very passionate bond. We were both still physically very active in our sex life, but we left no stone unturned when it came to exploring new things.

One night, after a long day of work, my husband suggested that we try something new. He suggested that he spank me. I was a little hesitant at first, but I was intrigued. My husband had a very stern demeanor, and I knew that if he suggested it, I could trust him to do it in a way that would be both safe and enjoyable.

I decided to let my husband explore this new activity and I slowly undressed. He then took a seat on the edge of the bed and motioned me over to him. He pulled me onto his lap, and ran his hands over my body. His touch was gentle, but the sensation of him touching me made my skin tingle with anticipation.

With one hand, he guided my back until it was resting against his strong thighs. He then reached down and grabbed a belt from his pants. The leather felt cool against my skin, and the sensation made me blush. I looked up at him with a little bit of fear in my eyes, as he held the belt out in front of him.

He then took my hands in his and guided them across my stomach. And with a slow and deliberate motion, he brought the belt down with a loud cracking sound. It stung my skin and left a slight red mark. I couldn’t help but gasp at the sudden sensation.

My husband then paused for a moment, before delivering a few more spanks with the belt. Each one was slightly harder than the last, and the intensity of the spanking increased gradually. I felt his strong hands on my waist and my body quivering with each stroke.

After a few minutes, my husband paused and gently pulled me up into his lap. He wrapped his arms around me, and I leaned into his embrace. I could feel his heartbeat against my back and I nestled against him. My body was still tingling from the spanking, and my skin felt warm and sensitive.

My husband then proceeded to kiss my neck and caress my body, adding more sensations to the mix. I felt completely aroused, and my body was craving more. My husband must have sensed this, as he began to lower me down onto the bed. He then removed his belt and tossed it aside.

He laid down next to me and kissed me deeply. His hands roamed my body, exploring every inch of my skin. He then began to move his hands lower and lower, until they reached the area between my legs. He explored my intimate area with his fingers, and I felt myself starting to become aroused.

He then reached up and grabbed his belt again. As he looped it around my wrists, he softly whispered into my ear, “This time you won’t be able to move.” He then pulled the belt tight, and pressed his body against mine. His hands massaged my breasts and caressed my inner thighs.

My husband then slid his hands lower and lower until they reached my most intimate area. His fingers teased and explored until I was begging for more. He then reached for a condom and rolled it down his length. Slowly, he pushed himself inside me, and I gasped with pleasure. With each thrust, I felt my desire growing and I soon found myself overcome with pleasure.

My husband and I continued to make love for what seemed like hours. We explored new positions, and I felt myself becoming more and more aroused. Finally, after a long session, my husband released inside me and we lay there contentedly, panting with exhaustion.

The next day, when I saw my husband, I smiled knowingly and thanked him for the experience. I had learned to trust him and our bond was stronger than ever. We had taken our exploration into the bedroom to a whole new level, and I would never forget the experience.

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