Human Toilet Stories

It was a hot and humid summer night. The air was thick and the stars were shining bright in the night sky. I was walking down the street, looking for some excitement. I had heard rumors of a place that offered something a little different than the typical nightlife scene. A place where human toilet stories were real.

I headed down the back alley, not sure what to expect. As I rounded the corner I could see a dimly lit sign that read “Human Toilet Stories.” I was intrigued and a bit apprehensive. As I walked closer, I could hear soft music playing in the background and a faint scent of incense in the air.

I slowly opened the door and stepped into a dimly lit room with a bar on one side and several tables scattered around the room. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. The bartender smiled and handed me a menu.

The menu was surprisingly detailed and there were several different human toilet stories to choose from. I was intrigued and decided to try one of the stories.

The story I chose was called “The Slave Toilet.” It was about a woman who was hired to act as a toilet slave. She was to be chained up and used as a human toilet by the customers. As the story went on, it became more and more explicit. The woman was subjected to all sorts of lewd acts such as being forced to suck dick, put her face in someone’s ass and swallow their cum, and even be anally penetrated.

As I read the story I became more and more aroused. I felt my skin tingling and my heart pounding. I wanted to experience this for myself.

After finishing the story, I decided to make my way down to the basement. I entered a room where a woman was chained up and wearing a mask. I was shocked yet aroused at the same time. I walked over to her and asked if she would be willing to act out the story I had read. She nodded her head yes and I untied her from the chains.

We then got dressed and went upstairs to the main area. We sat down at a table and ordered drinks. We talked and laughed for a while before I finally asked her to be my toilet slave. She agreed and I proceeded to take her back to the basement.

Once in the basement, I put my hand under her skirt and began to touch her. I knelt down in front of her and she willingly opened her mouth. I started to give her oral sex and as she screamed with pleasure I put my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. I moved up and down as I tongue-fucked her, getting more and more aroused as I felt her body tremble with pleasure.

Eventually, I moved her onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. As I slid inside her tight warm body, I felt like I was in heaven. I started to fuck her hard, thrusting in and out as she moaned and screamed out in pleasure.

I finally reached my climax and we both lay there panting and exhausted. We decided to go upstairs and enjoy a few drinks before heading home. As we left the building, I couldn’t help but think that this was the most exciting and erotic experience of my life.

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