Hotwife Anklet Bracelet

The Hotwife Anklet Bracelet

It had been a long day of work, but as she walked through the door of her home she already knew what was waiting for her: her husband, dressed to impress with their special anklet bracelet from their last trip to the Caribbean.

The anklet was made of gold and had an intricate pattern of small diamonds that sparkled in the light. She was wearing it for the first time tonight, and it felt oddly liberating, knowing that her and her husband made a special trip to get it together.

They kissed each other lightly and held each other close, their hands brushing against the anklet for the first time as they embraced. They pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes, both of them feeling the same electricity between them.

He took her hand and led her to the bedroom, his eyes never leaving her face. As they walked, the anklet bounced against the small of her back and she felt the metal cool against her skin, a reminder of the pleasure that was to come.

Once in the bedroom, they stood facing each other, their eyes longing for each other. He reached up and carefully undid the clasp of the anklet, his hands trailing lightly across her skin as he did so. He placed the anklet in his pocket, and she felt a sudden loss of control, as if the anklet was all that was keeping them together.

Without a word, he pulled her close and kissed her deeply. His hands moved across her body, exploring her curves and finding her most sensitive spots. She gasped as his fingers found her nipples and caressed them lightly, making her moan with pleasure.

He then pushed her onto the bed and, without warning, started to undress her. He removed her skirt and lingerie as he kissed and licked every inch of her body, taking his time to enjoy and savor every moment of their foreplay. His lips moved lower and lower, until they found her pussy.

He licked and sucked her, exploring her most intimate areas. His tongue moved sensually in circles and up and down, making her gasp out loud. His lips moved up to her clitoris, teasing and licking until she was moaning with pleasure.

He then moved back up and kissed her passionately while his fingers explored her innermost depths. He moved his fingers inside her and caressed her walls all the way to her g-spot, making her gasp and moan with pleasure.

He then flipped her over and entered her from behind, thrusting deep and hard. His hands caressed her body, his lips suctioned her nipples, and he moaned and grunted as his movements became more passionate. She could feel him thrusting deeper and deeper until he reached his climax, and she followed shortly after.

They lay on the bed afterwards, gasping for breath and entwined in each other’s arms. They both still had the anklet on, which made them laugh and moan with pleasure.

The next morning, he presented her with the anklet once again, and she put it around her ankle, knowing that from now on it would be a symbol of their special love and commitment to each other.

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