Halloween Party And My Drunk Wife Mar

Halloween Party and My Drunk Wife Mar: A Steamy Erotic Sex Story

It was Halloween night and I had received yet another invitation to my office Halloween party. It was always a lively event, with everyone dressed in their best costumes and ready to let loose. I had been looking forward to this night for a few days and decided to bring my wife Mar along with me. We had been married for a few years and our sex life had been going through some dull spells. I wanted to use this opportunity to spice up our relationship and thought that a bit of naughty fun was exactly what we both needed.

I was dressed in a devil costume and Mar was wearing a sexy witch outfit complete with a broom. Everyone at the party was impressed with her costume and her stunning beauty. She looked gorgeous. We danced and laughed and had a few drinks. Mar was getting increasingly drunk and I could tell she was in the mood for some naughty fun.

We ended up in the back room, where there was a more private setting. Mar started to get really aroused and started to talk dirty to me. She was telling me all the things she wanted to do to me and she was getting really worked up. She started to kiss me passionately and I could feel her desire growing. She then pushed me onto the bed and started to undress me. She started to kiss my chest and move her hands down to my crotch.

I could feel Mar’s hands exploring my body and it felt amazing. She then moved down to my cock and started to give me a blowjob. The sensation was incredible. Her mouth felt so good. She kept going until I could feel myself getting close to coming. She then moved up and started to kiss me again. She then asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I said yes and she got into position.

Mar laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I moved in between them and started to enter her. She was so wet and tight and it felt amazing. I started to thrust and Mar moaned with pleasure. She then grabbed my ass and started to thrust back. We kept going faster and faster and Mar was getting really into it.

I could feel myself getting close to coming and Mar started to scream in pleasure. I then released my load inside her and we both lay there panting and sweating. We lay there together for a few minutes and then Mar asked me to do it again. I eagerly complied and Mar returned the favour by giving me a really naughty blowjob. By the end of the night, we were both exhausted but satisfied.

It was then that I realized how much I enjoyed bringing some excitement into our sex life and how much Mar enjoyed it too. We decided to make Halloween a regular event in our sex life and it’s been great ever since. We get to dress up and try new things, which always leads to an amazing night of pleasure and passion. We even invite other couples sometimes, which is always an extra naughty experience. It’s been so much fun and I’m glad I decided to bring my wife along to the Halloween party that night.

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