Greek Massage

Paul had just returned from his business trip to Athens, Greece. He was feeling exhausted and in desperate need of some relaxation. So he decided to book a massage at his hotel.

He had heard of the legendary Greek massages, where the masseuses were said to be highly skilled and more than capable of giving pleasure in addition to the usual massage experience. Paul was eager to try it out and find out just how true these rumours were.

When he arrived at the massage parlour, he was greeted by a friendly young woman. She asked him what kind of massage he’d like and Paul couldn’t help but blush a little. “I think I’d like to try a Greek massage,” he said, feeling as though he was about to ask for something naughty.

The woman smiled knowingly. She told him that there were two different types of massage – a traditional one and a more intimate one. Paul was intrigued and asked what the difference was.

The woman explained that the traditional massage was focused more on relaxation while the intimate type was more focused on pleasure. She suggested that he go for the latter if he wanted to enjoy the full experience.

Paul agreed and was taken to a dimly lit private room. The woman instructed him to undress and lie on the massage table. Paul complied and soon found himself lying face down on the table with a sheet covering his body.

The woman then proceeded to massage his entire body with slow, sensuous strokes. She took her time and made sure to pay attention to every inch of his body. Paul felt like he was melting into the table as the woman worked her magic.

After almost an hour of massage, the woman instructed Paul to turn over. When he did, he was astounded at what he saw. The woman had removed her clothes and was now lying next to him on the table, her bare body pressed against his.

Paul felt a surge of arousal as the woman continued to massage him, this time focusing on more intimate areas. Her hands moved lower and lower and before long she was caressing his inner thighs and then finally his manhood.

Paul couldn’t believe how good it felt and he let out a deep groan as the masseuse began to pleasure him. She gently stroked and teased his most sensitive areas until he was moaning with pleasure.

When Paul couldn’t take it anymore, the woman suggested that they move to the bed in the next room. Without hesitation, Paul followed her lead and soon he found himself lying on the bed with the woman straddling him. She leaned down and captured his lips in a passionate kiss before moving her mouth down his body, exploring every inch of his skin with her lips and tongue.

The woman then moved down further still, taking Paul’s manhood into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. Paul was mesmerised by the sensation and he let out a loud moan as she kept up her teasing and pleasuring.

Eventually the woman moved back up and began to make love to him in earnest. She rode him slowly, grinding against him as he moved in and out of her. Paul’s body was on fire as they moved together, driving each other closer and closer to the edge. Finally they both climaxed and collapsed into each other’s arms, exhausted and satiated.

Paul thanked the woman and thanked himself too for taking a risk and trying out the Greek massage. He knew that he had experienced something truly special and he would be back again very soon.

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