Granny Pat Cums Acalling

Granny Pat Cums A-Calling: An Erotic Sex Story

Granny Pat cums a-calling, and you’d better be ready for the hottest night of your life! This sassy senior citizen is getting ready for a wild night of pleasure, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

It all starts when she shows up at your door, wearing nothing but a sexy little panties and bra set. She saunters on in, her gray hair pulled up in a tight bun, her bright blue eyes twinkling with mischief. She smiles widely as she looks you up and down, taking in every inch of your body. You can’t help but get aroused at the sight of her.

You take her hand and lead her to the bedroom, your heart racing with anticipation. You know what’s about to happen, and you can hardly wait. Once there, you lay down on the bed and Granny Pat climbs atop you. Her skin feels warm and soft, and you can feel her heat radiating off of her body.

Granny begins to kiss you, her lips soft and pliant. She explores your mouth with her tongue and teeth, and you can feel a stirring in your loins. Her hands move over your body, caressing and exploring every inch. She teases and titillates your nipples, and your arousal increases even further.

Suddenly, Granny Pat kneels down between your legs and places her face between your thighs. You gasp in pleasure as she flicks her tongue against your clit, and her expertly applied oral sex sends you over the edge. She licks and sucks and swirls her tongue around your sensitive bud, until finally you erupt into orgasm.

As your orgasm subsides, Granny presses her body against yours and slides her hand down your stomach and between your legs. She begins to stroke your shaft, her grip firm and steady, and you moan in pleasure as she takes you to the brink of another orgasm. As she works her hand up and down your dick, you can feel your orgasm building until it finally explodes out of your body in an intense wave.

Granny Pat leans forward and begins to kiss you again, taking her time as she explores your mouth. You can feel her hot breath on your face, and it does nothing to quell the arousal coursing through your veins.

Suddenly, Granny switches gears and slides her body down to the foot of the bed. She spreads her legs and slides your erection into her tight pussy. You moan as you enter her, and she wraps her legs around your waist. As you thrust into her, she moans in pleasure and matches your rhythm. She tightens her muscles around you, and you melt into her embrace as you reach yet another orgasm.

The two of you lie panting in post-coital bliss, and you know that this is one night you’ll never forget. You wrap your arms around Granny Pat and hold her close, savoring the moment before the morning light inevitably breaks.

Granny Pat has come a-calling, and you’ve been lucky enough to experience the heights of pleasure she offers. It’s been an unforgettable night, and one that will be sure to live on in your fantasies for many years to come.

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