Girl Doesnt Like Anal

Once upon a time, there lived a young woman who had never liked anal sex. She had tried it a few times, but it had never been pleasurable for her, and so she had eventually decided that it was just not something she wanted to do.

But one day, all that would change.

The young woman, who we’ll call Jenny, had been out for a late night stroll when she stumbled across a small group of people. She was immediately intrigued, and when she asked them what they were doing they told her they were looking for a certain type of escort.

Jenny was a little taken aback, but when she heard the name of the escort they were looking for, it piqued her interest even more. It was a woman who was known for her special skills in the bedroom, one of which was providing exceptional anal pleasure.

Jenny couldn’t believe it. She had never considered the possibility that she might actually enjoy it, but the more she thought about it, the more curious she became. She agreed to join the group, and that night she met the escort they were all searching for.

Her name was Beth, and she was incredibly beautiful. Jenny’s eyes widened as she got a look at Beth’s curves, and soon she found herself losing her inhibitions. The sexual tension between the two was immediately palpable, and before long they were locked in a passionate embrace.

Beth’s hands roamed all over Jenny’s body, and soon enough they were exploring each other in a way Jenny had never experienced before. Beth was incredibly skillful, and when she finally made her way down between Jenny’s legs, Jenny felt an intense pleasure that had never before been experienced.

Jenny was panting with pleasure and anticipation as Beth teased her clitoris, and soon enough she was begging for more. That’s when Beth took things to an entirely different level. She pulled out a jar of lubricant, and before Jenny could ask any questions Beth had already applied it to her rear entrance.

Instantly, Jenny tensed up. Anal sex was something she’d never enjoyed before, and that night was no different. But Beth was so gentle and refined in her approach, and before long Jenny found herself succumbing to the pleasure that was flowing through her body.

Jenny was amazed by how much pleasure she was feeling. She had thought that anal sex would never be something she’d enjoy, but Beth showed her a new perspective. She quickly realized that anal sex could be incredibly pleasurable, and before long she was screaming in pleasure as Beth used her to bring her to orgasm.

When it was all over, Jenny felt invigorated. Not only had she enjoyed anal sex for the first time, but she had also discovered an entirely new level of pleasure that she had never known was possible. From that day forward, anal sex became one of her favorite ways to experience the pleasure of sex.

Jenny was amazed at how much her outlook had changed. Anal sex was no longer something that she feared and avoided, but something that she could now truly enjoy. It was as if a whole new world of pleasure had opened up to her, and from that day forward she became a fan of anal sex.

She was no longer Girl Who Doesn’t Like Anal – she was now Jenny Who Loves Anal.

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