Ginny Weasley Spanking

Ginny Weasley was feeling particularly frisky this night, so she decided to surprise her husband, Harry Potter, with a bit of kinky fun. She wore a black bustier, with matching thigh-high stockings and a thong, and nothing else. Taking a soft cowhide crop in her hand, she crept up the stairs to their bedroom.

Harry lay sleeping, his chest rising and falling in the light of the moon. Ginny smiled as she thought of what was to come and the delicious sensation of anticipation that filled her body. She made her way to the bed, her stockinged feet making no noise against the hardwood.

Gently, Ginny laid the crop on the bed and straddled Harry. She reached down to where his backside was, and lifted his pajama bottoms, exposing his firm, round buttocks. With her free hand, she ran her fingers over them, her breath coming faster and faster as she did. Then, finally, she brought the crop down hard, not too hard though, just enough to make him gasp and waken him.

Harry’s eyes shot open and he jumped up, the crop still in Ginny’s hand. She could see the surprise on his face and a slight excitement as he realized what was about to happen.

“Ginny, what are you doing?” he gasped, looking into her eyes.

Ginny smiled at him and then brought the crop down again, this time harder. Harry yelped, his eyes widening further.

“Do you like it?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. Harry nodded his head, his breathing becoming heavier.

Ginny brought the crop down again and again, her tempo becoming faster as her own desire grew. She could feel the heat radiating off of Harry’s skin as she spanked him and it only made her want more. Finally, when his skin was a rosy hue, Ginny stopped and ran her fingers over his backside.

Harry let out a low groan as Ginny’s fingers explored him and he soon found himself on the brink of orgasm. Ginny, however, wanted to take it further. She grabbed ahold of Harry’s erect penis and, guiding him to the edge of the bed, she got on top of him.

Ginny rode Harry, her eyes closed in pleasure as their bodies moved in unison. She kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth. The sensations were overwhelming, and soon they both came, screaming out their pleasure.

Ginny collapsed onto Harry, both of them trembling in the afterglow. Harry looked into her eyes and thanked her for a night he would never forget.

Ginny smiled, and for the first time, she felt fully alive and in control. She had allowed herself to feel pleasure, and she was proud of herself. She had taken a risk, and it had paid off.

The next morning, the two of them lay in bed, basking in the afterglow of their night of kinky passion. Ginny turned to Harry and said,

“Tonight was incredible. I never thought I’d be able to enjoy these sorts of things,”

Harry smiled and kissed her on the forehead, saying

“Me neither. But I’m so glad we did. Now I know just how naughty and wild you can be.”

Ginny giggled and blushed, feeling the heat rise to her cheeks. She had taken a risk, and it had been worth it. For once in her life, she had felt truly alive and in control. And she had Harry to thank for it.

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