Extreme Size Encounter

Extreme Size Encounter

Karen was 30 years old and a successful businesswoman, but she was also a woman who had needs. She was bored with her sex life and wanted to find something that could get her heart racing and her body quivering with pleasure. She had heard about a new fetish called extreme size encounters and she wanted to find out more.

Karen had read online about these extreme size encounters and the huge, throbbing cocks they involved. She was curious and her curiosity was getting the better of her. She knew that if she was going to find out more, she would have to take a chance and find someone who could satisfy her needs.

Karen decided to take a chance and contacted an escort agency that specialized in extreme size encounters. They told her they had just the right man for her, a huge Italian-American stud who went by the name of Big Ben. Karen was eager to meet him and when she saw him she was thrilled.

Big Ben was tall, muscular and handsome. He had an air of confidence about him and Karen knew that she was in for a wild night. She was also excited by how big his cock was. It was huge and pulsating with desire. She could hardly wait to feel it inside of her.

Karen and Big Ben spent the night exploring each other’s bodies. He took his time, caressing and teasing her until she was trembling with anticipation. When he finally entered her, it was like nothing she had ever experienced before. His huge cock filled her completely and sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Karen and Big Ben moved in sync, their bodies intertwined as they explored each other. He kissed her hungrily and she responded eagerly. She was lost in the moment and felt as if nothing else mattered.

After they had finished, they lay in each other’s arms, exhausted but satisfied. Karen had finally experienced the pleasure of an extreme size encounter and she knew it was something she would never forget.

Karen and Big Ben parted ways soon after that night, but the memory of their night together lingers in her mind to this day. She knows that she will never forget the pleasure that she experienced with her huge Italian-American stud. She also knows that one day she will find someone just like him and experience the pleasure again.

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