Explicit Erotica for Mature Audiences Only

Once upon a time, there lived two lovers, Emily and Richard. He was tall and handsome, and although he had a few years on her, Emily was drawn to his experience and maturity. Emily was also a beautiful woman, with a soft curves, dark eyes and wild dark hair.

The couple had been friends for years, but recently developed feelings for each other that kept them up all night, unable to stay away, even when they wanted to. When they did part ways, they constantly thought of each other, and yearned to be together again.

One day, Emily decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level, so she suggested that they go to her place, which was a lovely loft apartment downtown. Richard had been to Emily’s place before, but this time felt different. The atmosphere was thicker with tension, the desire palpable even in the air.

Once inside, the couple quickly started exploring each other. Emily placed soft kisses on Richard’s neck and he grabbed her waist and drew her close, sending a shiver through her body. He ran his hands up and down her body, feeling every inch of her curves.

Emily gasped as heat pooled in her belly, arousal rising with every stroke of Richard’s hands. His touch was electric and made their connection seem almost tangible. As their passion grew, their clothes started coming off and eventually they found themselves nude, entangled in a pile of blankets on Emily’s couch.

Richard’s hands roamed hungrily over Emily’s body, sending waves of pleasure down her spine and driving her to the brink of pleasure as his fingers and tongue caressed her most intimate places. Emily moaned in pleasure as her hips rocked into Richard’s thrusts.

The pleasure kept building and building until eventually Emily couldn’t take anymore – she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. Just as Emily’s body began to quiver with the impending orgasm, Richard increased his speed and Emily felt the bliss of the most intense orgasm of her life wash over her.

After that night, the pair were officially in a relationship and their love only grew from there. Despite the passing years, their passion for each other never dimmed and every night was a night of wild and passionate lovemaking. They explored each other’s bodies and fantasies and experienced intense pleasure like never before.

Time seemed to stand still in those moments of passion and desire, and their love was like an endless summer. They lived in joy and pleasure for many years, until the day they parted ways and the story of the couple with the intense passion and wild lovemaking became a distant memory.

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