Ever Tried Dogging

Ever Tried Dogging?

It was the first time she had ever tried dogging. She heard the rumors of it being wild and adventurous and wanted to give it a go. She had always been into a little bit of exhibitionism and knew that dogging was the perfect way to get her fix.

She was dressed to the nines, with a tight black dress that highlighted her curves and a pair of towering high heels that made her feel sexy. She had been looking forward to trying it and couldn’t wait to see how the night would turn out.

She drove to the spot that was recommended to her and parked her car. She looked around to make sure the area was safe and not too busy before she got out. Taking a deep breath, she made her way over to a section of the park that was quite secluded and had a few bushes and trees for cover.

Once she was there, she could see a few other people milling about and could hear some conversations in the background. She realized these were people who, like her, had come for some dogging fun. She felt a tingle of excitement run up her spine as the possibility of indulging in some naughty activities started to become more real.

She walked around a bit, checking out the scene and seeing what everyone was up to. She noticed that some people were making out, while others seemed to be engaged in some heavier petting. As she looked around, she felt a boldness come over her and decided to join in.

Walking up to a couple that was making out, she tapped the man on the shoulder to get his attention. He looked up at her and smiled, then asked her if she wanted to join them. She nodded and started to join in on the fun.

The man started to caress her while the woman took care of his needs. Together, the three of them explored each other’s bodies, taking turns in pleasuring each other. The sensations she felt were exquisite and soon she was moaning in pleasure.

The three of them continued in their carnal activities for some time, each exploring the other’s bodies in different and daring ways. She felt a strong connection forming between her and her partners, and soon they were all screaming in pleasure.

They finally stopped and took a break. She felt incredibly satisfied and exhilarated from the experience. She thanked her partners for a wonderful time and started making her way back to her car. However, before she could go, she heard someone calling her name.

She turned around and saw a man standing there, smiling at her. He was holding a bottle of champagne and asked her if she would like to join him for some more fun. She hesitated for a moment, but then decided to go for it.

They both went to a secluded spot in the park, away from prying eyes. He opened the bottle of champagne and the two of them started drinking and conversing. As the time went on, the conversation got more and more intimate and soon they were making out passionately.

He started caressing her body and exploring her curves. His hands moved down her body and soon he was inside of her. She felt an intense pleasure as they moved together in sync.

He explored her body in different positions and ways, taking her to levels of pleasure that she had never thought possible. The sensations coursing through her body were almost too much to bear and soon she was screaming in pleasure.

Finally, they both reached their climax at the same time. She felt incredibly satisfied and content with what had happened. This was definitely something she would be doing again.

As she made her way back to her car, she couldn’t help but smile. She had really enjoyed her first experience of dogging and was thrilled to have had such an amazing time. From now on, she would definitely be partaking in more dogging activities in the future.

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