Escort Seven Sister

Seven Sisters Escort – An Adventurous and Naughty Night

I had always been curious about the Seven Sisters escort agency. I had heard all kinds of stories, some scandalous and others amusing. No one had ever gone there and come back disappointed—until now.

It was a hot night in the city and I was looking for some exciting adventure. So I decided to take the plunge and visit the Seven Sisters escort agency.

To my amazement, the place was quite impressive. It was like a palace, with its grand entrance, huge windows, and lavish furnishings. A young woman, who I assumed to be an escort, greeted me and invited me to have a seat in one of the comfortable chairs and have a drink before making a selection.

I accepted and soon found myself relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. As I waited, an older man with a thick moustache and a debonair air entered the lobby. He began to talk to the escort and they started talking business. After a few minutes, they seemed to come to an arrangement and the escort left with the man.

The older man was clearly a regular customer of the Seven Sisters escort agency. He noticed me and, in a friendly way, asked me if I was looking for a girl. I nervously replied that I was and he suggested that I choose the girl with the long black hair and the beautiful eyes.

I nervously accepted and soon found myself in a private room with the girl. She was absolutely stunning. Her long black hair was swept back, her eyes were large and captivating, and her lips were full and inviting. I had never seen such a beautiful woman before, and I felt my heart pounding and my palms growing sweaty as I looked at her.

The girl introduced herself as Natalie, a professional escort from the Seven Sisters agency. She asked me what kind of services I desired, and I nervously asked her if she was experienced in providing the kind of pleasure I was looking for. She replied in the affirmative and started to undress.

Natalie’s body was beautiful. She had firm breasts, a slender waist, and curves in all the right places. I felt my breathing becoming more and more labored as I looked at her naked body.

Natalie asked me to lie down on the bed and then she began to massage my body with her hands, which felt heavenly. She then kissed me passionately and my body was aroused and ready for action.

Natalie started to suck my big hard cock and then licked and kissed my nipples. She then moved down and licked my balls and sucked my shaft. I was almost in ecstasy as I felt her hot tongue move around my throbbing penis.

Next, Natalie asked me to penetrate her pussy and I did so with great pleasure. She was tight and wet and I experienced intense pleasure as I moved in and out of her passionate body.

The sex between us was intense and passionate. We explored every part of each other’s bodies, licking, sucking and fucking. We used different positions and explored new things. It felt like an eternity before we finally orgasmed, both of us screaming out in pleasure.

Finally, it was time to go. I thanked Natalie and gave her a generous tip. I left the Seven Sisters escort agency feeling ecstatic and delighted. I had experienced the most passionate and naughty night I had ever had in my life.

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