Erotic Swimsuit

Erotic Swimsuit & Sizzling Hot Sex On The Beach

Marie looked stunning in her new, tight-fitting one-piece swimsuit. It was a red and black design with cut-outs in all the right places. She noticed eyes lingering on her as she made her way onto the beach. She liked the attention, and it made her feel sexy and confident. As she walked by, she could feel a gentle breeze brushing against her bare skin where it was exposed in the cut-outs.

Marie reached the place where she wanted to sunbathe for the day. She lowered her towel to the sand and then suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her sunscreen. She started to get up to go back to her car when she felt a firm hand on her shoulder. A cold rush ran through her body, and she spun around to find a tall, handsome stranger standing in front of her. He had a chiseled face and perfect physique and he was wearing nothing but a pair of swim shorts.

The man smiled. “You look beautiful. I noticed you as soon as you arrived and I had to come say hi,” he said.

Marie smiled back, her heart racing and her face flushing with excitement. She could tell that he was interested in her, but she wasn’t sure what to say.

The man stepped closer. He ran his hand down her arm and leaned in close enough that she could feel the heat of his body. “I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about you that I can’t resist,” he whispered.

Marie’s heart was pounding as she looked into his eyes. She could feel the tension between them and it felt electric. She wanted to feel his lips on hers, and before she knew it she was kissing him deeply. The man tasted like salt from the ocean and his hands were strong and sure as he caressed her body.

She ran her hands over his muscular chest and the smoothness of his skin made her moan in pleasure. His hands found their way to her curves, exploring them slowly and expertly. He pulled her even closer, their bodies pressed up against each other as they kissed.

The man slowly broke away from the kiss and looked into her eyes. “We should find somewhere more private,” he said.

Marie nodded agreement, not trusting herself to speak. The man took her hand and led her away from the beach, leaving her towel and sunscreen on the sand behind them.

They headed down a deserted path, hand in hand, and eventually came to a high sand dune. The man spread a blanket on the sand and Marie lay down, letting the warmth of the sun wash over her body. He quickly joined her, pressing his body against hers and kissing her deeply once again.

Marie felt her swimsuit loosen as the man pulled it down her body. She closed her eyes and let him take control. His hands moved over her body, exploring and caressing every inch. His mouth soon followed suit, driving her wild with pleasure as he kissed and licked her neck, breasts, stomach and inner thighs.

She felt his body shaking from desire as he moved against her and as he stroked her she felt his hardness pressing against her. Marie reached down and unzipped his swimsuit, revealing his hard, muscled body. He gasped as she moved her hands over him and it felt like electricity ran between them.

The man eased himself onto her, pressing his body into hers and kissing her deeply. She wrapped her legs around him and felt the pressure of his hard body against her own. He moved in and out of her slowly at first, letting her get used to the sensation of him inside her. She responded to him by pressing her hips up to meet his in a slow, sensual rhythm.

As they moved together they felt their passion building. Marie moved her hands over his body, feeling the muscles beneath her fingertips and the heat of his desire against her. His breathing became heavier as he increased the intensity of his thrusts, sliding in and out of her with greater force.

Marie cried out in pleasure as the man pounded her harder and faster. He reached down and touched her most sensitive spot with his fingertips, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She moved her hips faster, welcoming him even more deeply inside her.

The man continued pumping into her and Marie felt her whole body trembling with pleasure. He suddenly stopped and pulled out, pouring himself over her body and causing her to shudder with pure ecstasy.

They lay in each other’s arms afterwards, unable to move from the pleasure they had just experienced. Marie couldn’t believe how electric their sex had been, and the sensation of their bodies pressed together had been truly magical.

As they lay in the sand, the sun was beginning to set and a cool breeze blew over them. Marie looked up into the man’s eyes and he smiled. He leaned in and kissed her deeply one last time, and then got up to leave.

Marie watched him walk away, feeling complete and satisfied. Even though they hadn’t really known each other very long, she had experienced something truly special with this man. As Marie picked up her swimsuit and headed back to her car, she couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction.

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