Erotic Couples Massage

It was a Friday night, and Jack and Jill were looking for something to spice up their love life. They had been married for seven years, and the passion was starting to fade away. So when they saw an advertisement for an Erotic Couples Massage, they knew this was exactly what they needed.

They had heard about it from their friends, and they were intrigued. They made an appointment, and when they arrived at the massage parlor, they were greeted by an attractive and knowledgeable massage therapist. She explained to them that the session would involve a full body massage with a focus on areas of the body that are traditionally considered erogenous. They were both a little bit nervous, but they knew they had to try something new in order to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

The therapist began by massaging their backs and working her way up their bodies. She used aromatic oils that were specially blended to relax their senses and help them let go of any stress or anxiety they were feeling. As the massage progressed, her hands moved to more sensitive areas. She caressed their buttocks and inner thighs, massaging them with a slow, gentle touch that made them both moan in pleasure.

When the massage was finished, the therapist moved to the bed, and she instructed them to lie down and get comfortable. She spread a light oil over their bodies, and using her hands and warm breath, she began to kiss and lick their skin. Both Jack and Jill felt their passion rising as the massage therapist explored their bodies.

She moved lower, and as her hands moved over their genitals, they both felt a wave of pleasure ripple through their bodies. She massaged them slowly, and then moved lower to explore their anal opening. Jill had never experienced anal massage before, but she felt her arousal increasing as the therapist expertly worked her way inside.

Jack and Jill both deeply enjoyed the experience, and as they lay in the afterglow of their massage, they felt the connection between them deepening. They both realized that their love life had been completely reignited by their experience.

The next day, they went back to the massage parlor, and this time they asked for something even more intimate. They were eager to explore their desires further, and this time the massage therapist brought out a selection of toys and other implements. She began by teasing them with a vibrator, and then she used a strap-on to penetrate them both.

Jack and Jill were both filled with pleasure and passion and felt the connection between them deepening even further. After their session, they both felt truly satisfied and ready to delve into even greater levels of erotic pleasure.

They continued to explore their desires at the massage parlor in the months that followed, and soon they were visiting more frequently. They discovered new sensations, and each time they felt their love growing stronger.

Today, Jack and Jill’s love life is as passionate as ever. And each time they visit the massage parlor for an Erotic Couples Massage, they both know that their relationship will be taken to greater heights of pleasure.

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