Erotic Couples Massage

It was a hot, steamy night as Jenny and Andrew prepared for their big night. They had been together for almost two years and had already experienced some pretty wild times in the bedroom, but tonight they were going to take things up a notch.

The couple had booked an appointment with a local spa that specialized in erotic couple’s massages. They had been told that this was a unique experience and one that they were sure to enjoy.

When they arrived at the spa, they were immediately ushered into a private room. The room was dimly lit and filled with soft music and soothing scents. As they undressed, they couldn’t help but feel the sexual energy that was present in the room.

When the masseuse entered the room, they were both taken aback by her beauty. She had long dark hair, olive skin and a slender figure. She wore a skimpy outfit that showed off her curves perfectly.

The masseuse started by giving the couple an invigorating massage. She used strong, yet gentle strokes with her hands and her eyes never left their bodies. As the massage progressed, the sexual energy between them and the masseuse became almost palpable.

The intensity of the massage increased as the masseuse began to use her tongue and lips to stimulate their bodies. Her tongue felt like it was filled with fire as it moved over and around their skin. She even took the time to kiss various parts of their body such as their necks and inner thighs.

After some time the masseuse moved onto the bed and asked them to lay on opposite sides. She began to use oils to lubricate their bodies and then proceeded to massage them. Although they couldn’t see each other, they both felt their body heat rising as the masseuse moved her hands and fingers all over their bodies. The sensation was almost unbearable and they both moaned in pleasure as they felt her exploring every inch of their bodies.

The masseuse then asked them to turn around and straddle each other. As they did, she moved in between them and used her hands to bring them together. They felt their bodies molding together and were soon locked in a passionate embrace.

The kiss started slow and gentle, but soon escalated into a passionate frenzy. They tasted each other’s mouths, exploring and teasing one another with their tongues.

The masseuse then moved onto other more daring activities. She started to lick and suck on both of their bodies until they were both panting with desire. She then moved her head south and began to use her mouth to bring them both pleasure.

Andrew gasped as he felt the masseuse’s warm mouth surround his cock. Jenny shivered in delight as the masseuse used her tongue to pleasure her. The sensations were unbelievable as the masseuse moved her mouth up and down their bodies bringing them both to the brink of ecstasy.

The session ended with the masseuse massaging their bodies one last time and then assisting them back to the shower. As they stepped out of the shower, they both looked at each other with a satisfied smile. They had experienced something special today and were already looking forward to their next appointment.

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