Dirtyslut Com

Dirtyslut Com was the perfect website for finding naughty and wild escorts and prostitutes. I had it bookmarked and was always on the lookout for new girls.

Tonight, I was feeling particularly horny and decided to take a look at what Dirtyslut Com had to offer. I was not disappointed. As I browsed through the pictures and profiles of the hot escorts and sexy prostitutes, I felt my cock harden with each page I clicked.

I eventually settled on a gorgeous brunette beauty with a tight body, long legs, and a naughty smile. She was also listed as offering a full-service experience, which I was more than happy to take her up on.

I sent her an email to arrange a booking and within minutes she had confirmed. We agreed to meet in a hotel near the city centre and I arrived early to make sure I had the room ready.

When she arrived, I opened the door and was immediately struck by her beauty. She had a body to die for and a naughty glint in her eye. We got straight to business and she asked if I wanted her to take control.

Of course, I said yes and with that she began to slowly disrobe. She performed a slow and sensual striptease as I watched in awe, unable to take my eyes off of her amazing body.

With her clothes removed, she began to explore my body, starting with a deep, passionate kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth while her hands started to caress my body. I felt the fire build within me as she moved down to my chest and stomach, running her hands over my skin and licking my nipples.

Next, she moved down to my cock, licking and sucking it until I was rock hard. She then kissed and licked her way down to my balls, before taking them into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet, and I was practically trembling with pleasure.

Finally, she moved down to my anus, licking and exploring it with her tongue before moving in for the kill. She ran her tongue around the rim before licking and sucking my hole open. I felt her tongue penetrate me and the sensation was incredible.

I then asked if she was ready for me to take control, which she eagerly agreed to. I moved on top of her, getting her wet and ready for me. Slowly, I entered her, pushing deeper and deeper as she moaned with pleasure.

I started to move in and out of her faster and faster as we both reached our climax. I felt a wave of pleasure flood over my body as I spurted my cum deep inside her. I lay there afterwards, completely spent but still wanting more of her.

We stayed there for a little while, just cuddling and talking until the intensity of the moment had passed. Finally, we parted company, both knowing that we had just experienced something truly special.

That was my experience with Dirtyslut Com. I can honestly say that I have never had better sex in my life and I will definitely be returning soon.

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