Dating My Daughter

Dating My Daughter: A Hot and Steamy Sex Story

Heather had been single for a few months since her divorce. She was ready to move on and finally start dating again but was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She knew she didn’t want to just jump into anything so she decided to take things slow. That was until she met her daughter’s new boyfriend.

Heather had been going out of her way to make sure her teenage daughter felt comfortable and loved. She had always been close to her daughter and didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. So when her daughter told her about her new boyfriend, Heather was a bit hesitant.

But then she met him. He was tall and handsome with a kind smile and a warm demeanor. Heather couldn’t help but be taken by him. He was the perfect gentleman, always polite and respectful.

Heather started to think that maybe, just maybe, she could trust him. She decided to give it a chance and let him take her daughter out on dates. But deep down, she was hoping there was more to their relationship than just a simple platonic friendship.

One night, when her daughter was out with her boyfriend, Heather decided to take matters into her own hands. She put on some seductive lingerie and waited for him to come home. When he arrived, Heather told him that she thought it was time the two of them got to know each other a bit better.

Heather guided him to the bedroom and let him know exactly what she wanted. He nervously followed her instructions, not knowing if this was allowed or not. But as the night progressed, he became more and more comfortable as Heather let him know how much pleasure she was feeling.

Heather enjoyed every moment of their sexy rendezvous, from the kiss, to the blowjob, to the sex. She was in complete control, pushing the boundaries and pushing him just the right amount to make sure he felt completely wanted and desired.

When it was all said and done and Heather lay there with a satisfied smile on her face, she realized that she had found the perfect man to start dating. She quickly made a mental note to remember this night, because this was the night that she started dating her daughter’s boyfriend.

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