Dabbling in Anal

Dabbling in Anal: A Naughty Exploratory Tale

It had been an adventurous evening for Tommy and his girlfriend, Rachel.

The two had decided to spend the night exploring each other’s sexuality, and having a go at some steamy and risqué activities. After dinner and a few drinks, the couple found themselves in Rachel’s bedroom. They had spent the evening discussing their fantasies, and Rachel had suggested that they try dabbling with anal sex.

Tommy was intrigued, but at the same time, a little nervous. He had never tried it before, and was worried that he might hurt Rachel or make her feel uncomfortable. But after a few more drinks, his inhibitions started to slowly disappear, and he was ready to go for it.

Rachel reassured him that it was completely safe, and that the feeling of pleasure was much stronger with anal than it was with vaginal sex. She then proceeded to get a few items from her nightstand that would help them out.

First, she opened a bottle of lube and generously poured it onto her fingers. She then slowly and carefully massaged it into Tommy’s rectum, taking her time and making sure he was completely relaxed and comfortable.

Once she felt that Tommy was completely ready and relaxed, she shifted her attention to his penis. She began to lightly stroke and kiss it, while her hand moved up and down Tommy’s shaft. As she did this, Tommy’s breathing became more erratic and he groaned with pleasure.

Rachel then slowly and sensually shifted her attention back to Tommy’s anus. She began to gently insert her lubed fingers into his rectum, exploring and massaging it. She took her time and varied her movements, as she explored the different shapes and textures inside of Tommy’s body.

As she did this, Tommy felt a combination of pleasure and tension, and his breathing quickly became heavier. His body started to curl inward, as if it was ready for action. Rachel then inserted two of her lubed fingers into Tommy’s anus, and started to massage the walls inside.

As she did this, Tommy could feel an intense and pleasurable sensation that was beginning to wash over his entire body. Rachel then removed her fingers from Tommy’s ass and grabbed a condom from her bedside. She rolled it over Tommy’s hardening cock, and then slid her body on top of him.

She slowly and carefully guided his engorged penis into her rectum, inch by inch, as she moaned softly in pleasure. Once it was all the way in, the couple proceeded to thrust in unison, as the pleasure quickly began to build.

Tommy had never experienced such pleasure before, and he soon found himself in a trance-like state, unable to do anything except revel in the intense pleasure that Rachel was providing. The couple continued to thrust, as they both reached orgasm, and they eventually collapsed back onto the bed in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

Tommy and Rachel lay there in each other’s arms, panting heavily and squeezing each other tightly. They had just experienced something that few couples do, and they both felt a deep and powerful connection as a result.

It was clear that although this was their first time dabbling in anal, it certainly wouldn’t be their last. They had found a connection that most couples could only dream of, and they wouldn’t hesitate to explore it further.

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