Cunnlingus Stories

The Perfect Cunnilingus Session

Alice was getting ready for a special occasion and had carefully chosen her outfit. She took her time doing her makeup and hair, wanting all her little details to be perfect. She felt beautiful and ready to take on the night, looking and feeling her best, ready to unleash her inner goddess.

Alice had been looking forward to this night. She had been anticipating spending some quality time with her partner and giving him a night that he would never forget. She had a special surprise for him, something she knew he had been wanting for a long time. Tonight was the night she was finally going to let him indulge in the art of cunnilingus.

Alice had been very hesitant to allow her partner to engage in such an intimate activity. She had been worried that it would be too much for her and that she wouldn’t be able to handle the sensations. But after some reassuring words and gentle encouragement from her partner, she eventually caved in and agreed to let him explore her body with his mouth.

Of course, she stipulated that they had to take things slowly. She wanted to make sure that she was comfortable with every step they took and that she was ready to proceed to the next level. Her partner was very understanding and readily agreed to her conditions, knowing that he had to take it slowly in order to build up her trust and confidence in him.

Alice led her partner to the bedroom and instructed him to lay down on the bed. She slowly began undressing herself, enjoying the feeling of being in control and pleasing her partner with her sensual movements. Once she was naked, she straddled him and leaned in to give him a deep and passionate kiss. She could feel the heat radiating from his body and it only added to her desire.

Alice then proceeded to move down her partner’s body, slowly and teasingly licking, kissing and nipping as she went. She finally reached his groin and looked up into his eyes, wanting to make sure that he was still comfortable with what she was doing. He gave her a reassuring nod and she proceeded to position herself between his legs.

Alice took her time, licking and gently sucking his penis, wanting to make sure that it was fully aroused before she moved onto the main event. She felt the rise and fall of his breathing, the heat of his body, and the feeling of his arousal as she expertly used her tongue to massage and tease.

When she was ready, Alice moved down to his inner thighs, gently caressing them as she made her way closer to her ultimate goal. When she reached his scrotum, she massaged it with her tongue, taking her time to make sure that he was as aroused as possible.

Alice then moved onto the main event and began to lick his perineum with her tongue, exploring every inch of the sensitive area. She gradually moved closer to her ultimate objective, teasing and tantalizing her partner with her tongue as she went. When she finally reached his anus, she gently ran her tongue around it, exploring the area and teasing it with her skilled mouth.

Alice then proceeded to move onto the most sensitive area of all, his testicles. She licked, sucked and kissed them, careful to not put any pressure on the sensitive area. She moved up and down the shaft of his penis, alternating between gentle and strong licks, making sure that he was enjoying every second of her attentions.

Alice then moved her mouth to the head of his penis, taking the tip into her mouth and gently sucking, swirling her tongue around it. She teased and tantalized, determined to make sure that he was as aroused as possible.

Suddenly, he began to moan and she knew her efforts had paid off. She continued to pleasure him with her mouth, gradually increasing the intensity of her movements as she felt that he was getting close to climax.

Suddenly, he cried out her name and she knew that he had reached his climax. She continued to pleasure him until he had completely relaxed, then looked up into his eyes with a satisfied expression.

Alice had succeeded in giving her partner the most sensual cunnilingus he had ever experienced, and both of them were very satisfied with the results. She gave him one last tender kiss before they embraced and lay in one another’s arms, smiling and both feeling incredibly fulfilled.

Alice had successfully realized her dream of giving her partner the perfect cunnilingus session and was glad that she had finally taken the plunge. It was an incredibly intimate experience and one that she knew she would never forget.

The pair fell asleep in one another’s arms, both feeling a deep satisfaction and contentment within themselves. They had just shared a moment of unparalleled intimacy and Alice could not help but feel proud of the fact that she had made her partner feel so good.

Tonight was a night that neither of them would ever forget, and one that Alice knew she would always look back on with fondness and satisfaction.