Cross Dressing Stories India

Lloyd and his girlfriend Deana had been dating for almost a year and they were both in their late twenties. One night they were talking about fantasies and LLoyd decided to tell Deana his secret one. He had always been fascinated by the concept of cross-dressing and had wanted to try it out since he was a teenager.

Deana was taken aback, but intrigued. She asked Lloyd if he was serious and he said he was. She was supportive and thought it sounded like an interesting experience.

The next day, the two of them got on a plane and headed to India. Lloyd was nervous but excited for this experience. India has a long history of cross-dressing and he was sure he could find a way to explore it.

They arrived in India and started looking for a place to stay. After some searching, they found a room in a guesthouse in one of the local towns. The place was basic but clean and the staff were friendly.

The next day, Lloyd and Deana got dressed in women’s clothes. They weren’t sure what to expect, but they were both excited. They went out into the city and were amazed at how accepted they were. People didn’t give them strange looks, they simply smiled and welcomed them.

Lloyd and Deana decided to explore the city. They ventured into a small shop where the shopkeeper greeted them with a warm smile. He spoke English, so they were able to ask him about cross-dressing. He explained that it was quite common in the area and he offered to take them to a club where they could explore it further.

They agreed and he drove them to the club. It was a bit intimidating at first, but soon they were having a great time. They danced, drank and chatted with the other customers. As the night went on, the club gradually became more and more raunchy.

Lloyd and Deana decided to step outside and get some fresh air. As they walked through the alleyways, Deana felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to find a handsome man in his mid thirties. He said he’d noticed her and asked if they were interested in a night of hot anal sex.

Lloyd and Deana were both taken aback, but couldn’t deny the fact that they were both aroused by the proposition. They agreed and went with him to his nearby apartment.

Once inside, the man wasted no time. He quickly stripped off their clothes and began rubbing oil on their bodies. His hands were gentle yet commanding, and before long Deana was moaning in pleasure.

The man then moved onto Lloyd, rubbing oil on his body and teasing his anus. Lloyd felt completely relaxed and let the man enter him. The sensation was intense, and before long the man was thrusting deep within him.

The man took both Lloyd and Deana to climax before they all collapsed in a pile on the bed. Afterward, the man thanked them for the experience and they said their goodbyes.

Lloyd and Deana returned to their guesthouse, exhausted yet satisfied. They had experienced something they would never forget. It was a night they would always remember and cherish.

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