Courtesan Manila

Courtesan Manila

Courtesan Manila is an exotic and exotic beauty like no other. She is the kind of woman that men all over the world dream about; her curves, her long, dark hair, and her sultry charm make her the perfect fantasy.

Manila isn’t just a pretty face, however. She has a sharp mind and a commanding presence that draw clients in and keep them wanting more. Many of them lust after her body and her talents, but few know that behind her bold exterior and confident air is a woman with a story.

Manila was born in the Philippines and has been a courtesan since she was eighteen. She was born with a set of unique and special skills that have served her well throughout her career. Her skills have been highly sought after by some of the wealthiest clients around the world. She has a knack for understanding the desires of her clients and how to provide them with the pleasure they seek.

Now, Manila has finally made her way to the United States and is currently working as a courtesan in a luxury suite in Las Vegas. Clients can book her services in advance and they can rest assured that they will be provided with an experience they will never forget.

One such client was a wealthy businessman who had heard of Manila’s reputation, and wanted to experience the pleasures she had to offer. After exchanging the necessary payments, the businessman was met by Manila in the suite, dressed in a black silk robe and nothing else.

The businessman, in awe of her beauty, immediately felt his desire for her, and she could sense it. She welcomed him with a smile and asked him to make himself comfortable. As he reclined into the plush couch in the suite, Manila moved gracefully across the room, never taking her eyes off of the man.

She began to caress her body, running her hands sensually down her skin, allowing her robe to fall to the ground. His eyes widened as her curves were revealed, her skin glowing in the dim light. She moved closer to him, their bodies almost touching as she leaned in, her lips moving to his ear.

“Let me show you the pleasure I can provide,” she whispered.

The man felt his heart racing as he nodded in response. Manila took his hand and guided him to the bed in the suite. She slowly peeled off his clothes, her hands running over his skin. She kissed and licked her way down his body, taking him to the brink of pleasure before finally kneeling before him.

Her lips parted, and he felt her warm mouth wrap around his hardness. She expertly pleasured him with her tongue, stimulating him with every movement. She switched from slow and gentle to hard and fast, until he reached his limit and moaned out his satisfaction.

Manila moved upwards, covering every inch of his body with kisses as she made her way up to his lips. She let her body press against his and he could feel her nipples hardening against his chest. She reached behind her and grabbed a condom before lowering herself onto him and allowing him to experience the next level of pleasure.

She moved her hips with a tantalizing rhythm, her movements pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He moaned out in pleasure as she increased her speed, and then cried out as his orgasm came hard and fast.

Manila collapsed onto him, her body still trembling from her own pleasure. They lay there together, enjoying the afterglow, until finally she rolled away and smiled up at him.

“That was incredible,” he said.

“It always is,” she replied, before helping him dress and leaving the suite.

Manila’s skills and talent had taken the businessman to new heights of pleasure, and he vowed to return to the luxury suite and experience it all again. He couldn’t wait to book Courtesan Manila again, and discover the next level of ecstasy she had to offer.

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