Circumcision Erotica

He had seen it in the newspaper advert, tucked away between the smaller local ads. A clinic offering male circumcision services. It wasn’t something he ever thought he’d be interested in, but something about it just kept tugging at his curiosity. A desire to explore something a bit different, something a bit naughty and illicit. So, without much of a second thought he dialled the phone number listed in the ad and made an appointment.

When the day finally arrived he arrived at the clinic early, a little nervous and generally unsure of what to expect. But as he stepped through the doors he was greeted by a friendly older woman, who welcomed him with a reassuring smile and explained the process of the procedure in detail. She explained that the procedure would be done by a qualified doctor and that he would be monitored very closely for any signs of infection or complication.

When the time for the procedure arrived, he was taken into a small room filled with medical equipment and a small table. There he was asked to remove all his clothing, including his underwear, before lying down on the table. He felt a little afraid and nervous, but he was also surprisingly aroused. As the doctor began to work, he felt more and more aroused as the delicate skin of his penis was sliced and removed, exposing the sensitive head.

The sensation of the doctors hands on his exposed flesh was sending shivers of pleasure down his spine, and he felt himself hardening even further as the procedure went on. He couldn’t believe he was feeling this way, it was as if something deep inside of him had been unlocked and was now unleashed. As the doctor finished the procedure, he was presented with a pair of tight black boxer briefs, which the doctor helpfully put on him.

The doctor then reassured him that everything had gone well and he was free to leave the clinic. But he decided to stay a while longer, to enjoy the feeling of his newly circumcised penis, to explore the sensation of the tight fabric against his skin. And as he lay there he began to have truly erotic thoughts.

He imagined a beautiful woman, her body impeccably toned, her curves in all the right places, standing before him. He imagined her taking him in her arms, her lips tracing down his body, exploring his newly circumcised penis with gentle caresses. He felt himself grow even harder as he imagined her taking him in her mouth, her lips and tongue worshipping his flesh.

He imagined her pleasuring him in all manner of ways, her skill and experience driving him wild and to the brink of ecstasy. He imagined her then laying him on the bed, straddling him and grinding her tight pussy against his newly exposed head. His breathing was becoming increasingly heavier, and then he imagined her sliding down onto him, taking him deep inside her, her tight and wet walls milking every last drop of pleasure from him.

Suddenly his erotic reverie was ended as he was jostled back to reality. He made his way back to the waiting room, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He couldn’t believe what he had just experienced, and the pleasure and excitement he had felt was like nothing he had ever known before. He thanked the clinic staff and made his way home, feeling more alive than ever.

He had found a whole new world of pleasure, and he couldn’t wait to explore it further.

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