Chastity Belt Chords

Chastity Belt Chords – An Explicit and Naughty Hot Sex Story

Heather and John had been best friends since high school and had been in a relationship for three years. John had always been a bit of a wild child, often up to no good; whereas Heather was the more even-tempered one of the two. But when it came down to it, they were both sex-crazed and adventurous.

One night, John had the wild idea of getting a chastity belt, something that Heather had heard of, but that she wasn’t too sure about. But, ever up for an adventure and with the reassurance that it wouldn’t hurt, she agreed and they ventured out to find one.

They ended up at a place near the edge of town, in what appeared to be a run-down little shop, with a chalkboard outside advertising an array of bedroom toys and bondage accessories. John couldn’t have been happier and Heather was secretly quite excited.

It was when they entered the shop, however, that Heather found out what a chastity belt looked like and what it was for. It was, essentially, a metal belt with two locks, one for the waist and the other for the genitals. The belt was designed to prevent any sexual activity from taking place, and the idea of being so helplessly and utterly restrained sent shivers of excitement down Heather’s spine.

John was quick to choose a belt, and Heather watched in amazement as he paid for it and walked out of the store with a smug grin on his face. He had a plan and she was about to find out what it was.

John had rented a hotel room for the night and once they arrived, he quickly produced the chastity belt and placed it around Heather’s waist. She felt absolutely petrified, yet strangely aroused at the same time. John locked the belt and then proceeded to strip her of her clothes.

Heather was completely exposed, and she could feel the burning intensity of John’s gaze upon her naked body. She could tell that he was as aroused as she was, if not more so, and it only added to her excitement.

John then took her to one of the beds in the room and commanded her to lie down. He then proceeded to tie her ankles and wrists to the bed frame and commanded her not to move. Heather was overcome with an aching desire, her body trembling with anticipation.

John then used the key to unlock one of the locks of the chastity belt and proceeded to pleasure her. His touch was gentle and soft, and he expertly explored every inch of her body until she was writhing in pleasure. He kissed and licked her, sucked her nipples and nuzzled his face into her neck.

Heather felt like she was in heaven, completely lost in the sensation of John’s touch and completely helpless to do anything about it. John then proceeded to caress her inner thighs and used his fingers to enter her. She gasped at the sensation and allowed him to explore her entire body.

John then moved down and licked and sucked on her pussy until Heather was writhing in pleasure and begging for more. He then moved back up, rubbed her clitoris and entered her again. She felt uncontrollable pleasure as his movements became more intense and faster.

John then proceeded to thrust his dick into Heather and pounded her hard until she came all over the bed. He then exploded inside her, and they both lay there in satisfied bliss.

John then slowly removed the chastity belt and Heather felt a sense of freedom as she was finally able to move again. The night was filled with passionate love-making, and Heather felt a sense of satisfaction like she had never felt before.

John and Heather had found a new way to spice up their sex life with the use of a chastity belt, and they both vowed to continue exploring their newfound kink.

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