Cfnm Family Stories

Cfnm Family Stories

Bethany had been fantasizing about being a part of a Cfnm Family for some time now. She had had a long time crush on her older brother, and the thought of them all playing out their wildest desires together was incredibly tantalizing. Over the past few months, Bethany had been doing her best to make sure her brother noticed her. She had been flirting with him and wearing revealing clothing to get his attention, but so far her efforts had been fruitless.

Tonight was going to be the night it all changed. Bethany was wearing a short dress and had her hair down, looking sexy and alluring. She was ready to take the plunge and make her move. She found her brother in the living room, watching tv with a beer in his hand. Bethany sauntered over to him, taking a seat in one of the armchairs. She crossed her legs, the hem of her dress riding up to reveal a glimpse of her thigh.

Bethany gave her brother a seductive look and could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She waited, almost holding her breath, as he slowly turned his head to look at her. His gaze was intense, and she could feel electricity buzzing between them. After a long moment, he put his beer down, stood up, and walked over to her.

He was standing very close to her now, and she could feel the heat radiating from his body. His eyes never left hers as he slowly began to speak, “Bethany, I’ve noticed you lately, and I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something for a while now.” She nodded, waiting for him to continue.

“As you know, I’ve been part of a Cfnm Family for a while now,” he said as he gestured around the room. “They’re a group of people who like to explore their sexuality and fantasies with others in a safe and respectful environment. I think you’d fit in perfectly with us, and I’d love it if you’d like to join us.”

Bethany smiled, feeling both excited and relieved. She had been wanting to take that step for a while, and now it seemed like the perfect opportunity. She readily nodded her acceptance and thanked him for the offer. “Great!” he said with a smile. “I’ll introduce you to the group as soon as I can. In the meantime, I have something else I’d like to show you.”

He took her hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom. Bethany was trembling with anticipation as he closed the door behind them. He slowly began to undress her, taking the time to kiss and caress each newly exposed area of her body. His hands were gentle, but she could feel their intensity, and she shivered in pleasure with every touch.

Once she was completely naked, he stepped back and looked at her with desire in his eyes. He finally spoke, his voice low and trembling, “You look beautiful, Bethany. I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long.”

He moved closer, pressing his body against hers. His hand moved down her body, lingered on her breasts, and then between her legs. He gently spread her legs apart and moved his hand in a slow circles. Bethany gasped at the sensations that coursed through her body. She felt dizzy and lightheaded, and the pleasure kept building until she could no longer stand it.

Bethany begged him to take her, and he readily complied. He moved his body over hers, and she felt his hard length pressing against her. He slowly entered her, and she welcomed him with a loud moan. He thrust into her, making her gasp and moan with pleasure with each movement. His hands moved over her body, finding her most sensitive areas and giving her an eye-rolling pleasure.

Bethany closed her eyes and let her body be taken away by her brother’s passionate lovemaking. She felt like she was soaring higher and higher with each thrust, and soon the pleasure was too much for her to bear. With one last thrust, Bethany was overcome with pleasure and screamed out in ecstasy.

Her brother held her close afterward, stroking her softly and kissing her tenderly. They lay in his bed for some time, just savoring the moment. Finally, Bethany spoke, “I can’t wait to join your family, I’m so excited.” Her brother smiled and kissed her. “Me too, I can’t wait to explore our wildest desires with you.”

Bethany felt like she was on cloud nine as she left her brother’s bedroom. That night marked a new chapter in her life, and she was eager to experience all the pleasure and passion that being part of a Cfnm Family had to offer.

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