Casual Nudity

Casual Nudity: An Erotic Sex Story

The sun was setting and the orange and red hues flowing over the water made for a beautiful scene. Jenny had been here before and the setting sun reminded her why she kept coming back. She had grown up on the beach and since she was a child, she had loved the idea of casual nudity.

As the sun was setting, Jenny stripped off her clothes and ran into the ocean. The cool water invigorated her as she swam out further and further. She reveled in the feeling of being so exposed and so alive.

When she returned to shore, she found a young man sitting on the sand, watching her. He was gorgeous, with smooth brown skin and a body that Jenny could only dream of having. She smiled shyly and he returned the gesture.

Jenny slowly dried herself off, finally stopping to wrap the towel around her body. She was suddenly conscious of her nudity and the young man’s gaze. She started to feel self conscious, but then the young man stood and approached her.

He was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks, and he was incredibly handsome. His body was toned and cut in all the right places. Jenny felt a heat deep in her belly as he walked closer. He stopped in front of her and she gasped as he reached out to touch her face.

He softly caressed her cheek and said, “I’ve been watching you all day. You’re beautiful.”

Jenny blushed and looked up at him through her lashes. She was so taken aback that she hadn’t even noticed his eyes, which were an enchanting blue. He smiled and gently pulled her closer, running his hands over her body as he explored every curve.

Jenny felt her heart skip a beat and her breath increase as she let herself be taken into his arms. She could feel his hands roaming over her skin, exploring her body. He kissed her then, fiercely and passionately, and Jenny felt as though she could faint from the pleasure.

He pulled away and started to undress her. He removed her towel, revealing her to him completely. His eyes roved hungrily over her smooth skin and his hands soon followed, tracing her body as if he was trying to burn the image of her into his memory.

Jenny felt a deep heat in her core as he touched her and she gasped in surprise. He chuckled lightly and then started exploring further. His hands came to her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through her body.

He kissed her neck and then started to move down her body. He used both his hands and his lips to explore her body, taking his time to make sure he didn’t miss a single spot. Jenny felt like she was in a trance, the sensations were so intense that she could barely think straight.

Finally, he came between her legs and started to explore her most intimate area. He caressed her soft folds, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. As he explored her with his tongue, Jenny felt like she was in a different world filled with pleasure.

He increased the intensity and Jenny felt as though she was on the edge of madness. Finally, he entered her and the feeling was so intense that Jenny couldn’t contain herself. She moaned loudly and closed her eyes as he thrust into her.

He moved slowly and gently, making sure to bring her to climax more than once. Jenny felt her body shaking and her breath came in short bursts as she felt every sensation with such intensity that she thought she might die from pleasure.

When it was over, Jenny lay on the beach, content and satisfied. She had experienced something magical and she knew she would come back here, if only to experience such pleasure once more. As she watched the sun dip below the horizon, she smiled, knowing that she had experienced something truly special.

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