Carol Kirkwoods Nipples

Carol Kirkwood was a stunningly beautiful woman with full, lush curves and creamy, smooth skin. She had long, silky hair and deep, dark eyes that could captivate any man with a single glance. Her nipples were the most stunning part of her voluptuous body. They were large and plump, the same shade of pink as rose petals, and when Carol would go braless, they would protrude through her shirt, begging for some attention.

Carol was married, but her husband was often too busy with work to recognize her needs. Since she had nobody to satisfy her cravings, she often went to the local massage parlor for some released tension.

One night, Carol went to the parlor and lay down on the massage table. As the masseur began to rub oil into her skin, Carol closed her eyes and let the man’s warm hands glide over her body. He paid special attention to her nipples, massaging them and kneading them between his fingers. Carol felt a surge of pleasure as he gently tweaked them and sent shockwaves of pleasure radiating through her body.

After a few minutes, Carol felt her nipples hardening and her body getting hotter. The masseur must have noticed too, because he began to lick and suck on her nipples, sending shivers of pleasure radiating through her body. He worked his tongue in circles and flicked it back and forth, driving Carol wild with pleasure.

Carol then felt the masseur’s hands exploring her body further as he moved them lower, teasing her inner thighs with his fingertips. His touch was gentle but firm, and it sent waves of pleasure through her body. She gasped in pleasure as he stroked her clit and moved his fingers deeper and deeper inside her.

The masseur then stood up and began to undress. He revealed his thick, rock-hard cock, and Carol could hardly contain her excitement. She got on her knees and began to lick and suck on his member, eager to taste every inch of him. His moans of pleasure only increased her arousal and she soon found herself on her back with the masseur thrusting into her.

Carol grasped onto his back as he moved, and with each thrust, her nipples were brushed and teased, sending her into a state of pure ecstasy. The masseur continued, pushing deeper and faster, and soon Carol was screaming out in pleasure. She felt the orgasm coming, and when it finally arrived, it was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Afterward, the two lay in a peaceful embrace, content with the pleasure they had shared. As Carol looked up at the ceiling, she smiled, feeling fulfilled in a way she hadn’t before. From then on, she knew that when she needed to satisfy her needs, the massage parlor was the perfect place to do so. And of course, her beautiful nipples were the star of the show.

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