Caning Her Bottom

I had been seeing my Mistress for a few months and things were really hot between us. We had explored all sorts of activities, but I had never experienced caning her bottom. I had heard about it and it made me both intrigued and nervous.

The night before the caning, we were lying in bed together, and I told her that I wanted to try something new. She smiled and said that she had just the thing in mind. She told me that she wanted to try caning my bottom.

I was hesitant at first, but I trusted her and I wanted to make her happy, so I agreed. She proceeded to tell me what to expect. She said that she was going to use a cane and that she would start with light strokes and gradually increase the intensity as I got more aroused.

The next day, she laid out all of the items that she would need for the caning. She had a paddle, a cane, and a few other items that I didn’t really understand the purpose of. She told me to get undressed and to lay down on the bed.

Once I was laid out on the bed, she started to spank my bottom with the paddle. The pain was intense and I could feel every stroke. I was starting to get aroused and as I did, she increased the intensity. After a few minutes, she switched to the cane.

The cane was completely different. The strikes were much sharper and it hurt more than the paddle had. I started to grit my teeth in pain, but the pain also felt strangely intense and pleasurable. My breathing became erratic and I felt a warmth spreading throughout my body.

After she had finished caning me, she told me to turn over and straddle her. She began to caress my body and then started to kiss me deeply. I could feel her desire for me and it was incredibly arousing. As she kissed me, she started to tease my clit and then moved lower to lick my vagina.

I moaned in pleasure as she licked and sucked on my clitoris. I was on the brink of orgasm and so she quickly started to fuck me in the same rhythm as she had been licking me. I felt as if I was going to come as she moved faster and faster.

Finally, I came and I felt a wave of pleasure course through my body. As I lay there exhausted, she told me that I had done very well and that she was proud of me. She kissed me again and then held me tight.

That night I learned that pleasure and pain can go hand in hand. I still can’t believe that I experienced something like this and that I enjoyed it so much. Caning my bottom was definitely a new and exciting experience that I would definitely do again.

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