Caned Six Of The Best

Caned Six of The Best: An Erotic Tale

It was a night that started off like any other. I had come home from a long day of work, poured myself a glass of a nice cold beer, and plopped down onto the couch. Without any thought I turned on the television, but quickly changed the channel to a show I had never seen before: Caned Six of The Best.

The premise of the show was simple: six people were each given thirty seconds to make a passionate plea for why they deserved to be spanked by a beautiful dominatrix. The show’s hostess, Mistress X, would then make the deciding vote on who would be the lucky one who got to experience the pleasure of her whip.

I was intrigued by the idea and, dare I say, somewhat aroused by the prospect of watching someone else experience the thrill of the caning. I was even more aroused by the thought of being the one to receive the caning.

Eventually, the show came to its climax. Mistress X announced that the lucky person who would receive the caning was none other than me. I was in a state of shock, but quickly recovered. I stood up and walked over to Mistress X without saying a word. I knew for sure that tonight was going to be a night that I would never forget.

The Dungeon of Pleasure was dark and dimly lit, and it was the perfect setting for what was about to come. Mistress X motioned for me to take my place in the middle of her dungeon. I walked to the center of the room and kneeled down on the cold stone floor. I was ready and eager to experience the pleasure of the caning.

Mistress X then took out her whip and began to slowly and lovingly lash me with it. Every inch of my skin felt alive and tingly as the caning sent electric shocks of pleasure throughout my body. I could feel the intensity and passion in every lash and I found myself wanting more and more.

The caning had now become unbearable, and I was on the verge of experiencing something that I had never experienced before. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply as Mistress X continued to lash me with her whip.

Finally, Mistress X reached the pinnacle of pleasure and I experienced an orgasm unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I felt completely drained, yet completely fulfilled.

After the caning was over, I felt like a completely new person. I was left feeling fulfilled, invigorated, and sexually satisfied. I knew I had just experienced something special and I would never forget it.

My experience with Mistress X changed me in ways I could never have imagined. I still think back on that unforgettable experience and am aroused by the mere memory of it. I have come to love and appreciate submission to a much higher degree and I have gained a newfound appreciation for BDSM. Caned Six of The Best was definitely a night that I’ll never forget.

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