Cane Her Bottom

Cane Her Bottom

It was a Tuesday night, and the two of them were in the throes of passion. She was his favorite woman in the world, and he loved her with all his heart and soul. He was a bit of an old-fashioned type, so it was no surprise to him that he wanted to take a bit of a different approach to the bedroom than what he had done before.

She was wearing a beautiful pink lingerie set, with a sheer wrap around her waist and a white lace teddy top. He couldn’t help but let out a low whistle as he admired her beauty. She smiled back at him, happy to be appreciated.

He wanted to make this night special, and he thought that no better way to do it than with some bondage. He had brought some bondage with him, and he wanted to use it with her. He retrieved the cane he had brought with him, and told her to lie down on the bed.

She complied without a word, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. He lifted her legs up, fastening them to the headboard with two straps, and then he took the cane and gently ran it up and down the length of her body. She shivered beneath his touch, her breathing shallow and her whole body trembling.

He smiled to himself, pleased with her reaction. He then took the cane and ran it across her bottom. She gasped, the sensation a little too intense for her, but it also aroused her further. He could see it in her eyes, and it excited him further.

He then took the cane and started to gently spank her bottom with it. She moaned softly, her body quivering beneath his every touch. The sensation was exquisite, something she had never felt before, and it drove her wild with pleasure.

He then took one of the straps and wrapped it tightly around her wrists, pinning her arms above her head in a bondage position. She couldn’t move, and she loved the feeling of being completely at his mercy. He then took the cane and started to run it up and down her body as he kissed her passionately.

He continued to spank her bottom with the cane as he grinded his hips against hers and kissed her neck and lips. She was aroused beyond words, and with each stroke of the cane she felt an intense pleasure course through her body. He then kissed her mouth and went back to spanking her bottom with the cane, increasing the intensity with each stroke.

She was nearing the point of no return, and with one last stroke of the cane he pushed her over the edge. She screamed out in pleasure as her body shook with intense pleasure. He proceeded to ravish her body with his own, pushing her further into ecstasy as his hands explored her body.

As the night went on, he continued to spank her bottom with the cane and kiss her body, pushing her further and further into pleasure. By the time morning came, she was completely exhausted but also completely satisfied. He held her close, nibbling on her neck and whispering sweet words into her ears.

She felt completely safe in his arms, and there was no where in the world she would rather be. From then on, they would always love to incorporate the cane into their love making, making it more intense, passionate and erotic. They would always stay together, keeping each other happy and satisfied in their love.

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