Born For One Thing Tab

Born For One Thing

Tab was born with one thing in mind – to have wild, passionate and reckless sex. Her parents had warned her that she was not meant for ordinary, mundane encounters, and she had taken the warning to heart. From an early age, she had been determined to find and explore forbidden and wild pleasures.

Tab was a very smart and curious young woman, and she had been able to learn things very quickly. At school, she was a top student, excelling in every subject. But when it came to men, she was even more inquisitive. She wanted to know everything about them, and she would often spend hours researching and learning more about the male anatomy and different techniques of how to please a man.

At the same time, Tab was always on the lookout for her next sexual adventure. She would often find herself in sleazy bars and nightclubs, looking for someone who could fulfill her wildest fantasies. She would often spend the night alone in these places, exploring her own body and experimenting with different sensations and experiences.

One night, she finally found the perfect man. He was tall, muscular, and had a thick, black beard. Tab could tell that he was looking for the same kind of excitement that she was. Without a word, they found each other and went to his bedroom.

When they got there, Tab felt a little nervous, but as soon as the man started kissing her, she felt her inhibitions go away. She let her hands explore his body as they kissed with wild intensity. His hands felt like they were made of fire as they explored her curves and caressed her sensitive skin.

Tab was ready to get down to business. She quickly stripped off her clothes and pushed him onto the bed. She was in control now, and she wanted to make sure that this man experienced the most intense pleasure he had ever felt.

She started by licking and sucking his entire body – from his lips to his toes. As she did this, she explored him with her hands, teasing and tantalizing his most sensitive areas. He was in a state of pure bliss, and he cried out in pleasure as Tab skillfully put her mouth and hands to work.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tab was ready to take things to the next level. She straddled him and guided his hard, throbbing member inside her. Then, as she rode him with wild abandon, she felt every inch of him. She moved up and down on him, slowly at first and then faster and faster, until she felt her orgasm coming on and they both exploded in a fit of pleasure.

Afterwards, they lay together in a peaceful embrace, not wanting the moment to end. They both knew that they had experienced something special and unique. Tab had been born for one thing, and she had finally found it.

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