Bobbys Squeeze Pop

Bobby had always been a bit of a rebel. So when he heard about the newest craze in town – the Squeeze Pop – he knew he had to try it. He was a big fan of both the taste and the sensation of the sweet, creamy mix of alcohol, sugar, and something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

He decided to go for a night out and check it out for himself. Although he was feeling a bit skeptical, he was still excited to try something new. He went to a nearby club and waited in line for nearly an hour before he finally got to the front.

Once inside, he quickly found himself surrounded by people drinking and dancing. He made his way to the bar and ordered a Squeeze Pop, but the bartender gave him a sly wink and told him to go to the back room instead, telling him that was where the real fun was.

Curious, Bobby followed the bartender’s directions and found himself in a dimly lit room that had a few arm chairs and couches scattered around. He quickly realized he was in the notorious “red room,” a private area where people went to explore their wildest fantasies.

To his surprise, Bobby saw a woman sitting on a couch, her eyes half closed, as she swayed to the music. She was dressed in lingerie and had a half-empty Squeeze Pop in one hand. She smiled as Bobby approached, and he realized she had been expecting him.

He sat down beside her and she immediately started to talk to him. She introduced herself as “Bunny,” and said she had been hired to provide pleasure and entertainment to those who wanted to experience the Squeeze Pop. She took a sip from the bottle and licked her lips before offering the bottle to Bobby.

Bobby took a sip, his taste buds exploding with the sweet, creamy mixture, and he could already feel the effects of the alcohol taking hold of him. Bunny smiled knowingly and started to talk to him. She asked him if he was ready to take the full plunge and experience the Squeeze Pop in its entirety.

Too curious to turn her down, Bobby agreed. Bunny immediately took his hand and led him to a nearby bedroom. She then proceeded to take off her clothes and asked Bobby to do the same.

Once they were both undressed, Bunny pushed Bobby onto the bed and straddled him. She grabbed a nearby bottle of lubricant and spread it around Bobby’s backside before settling in between his legs, her tight, round buttocks pushing against his pulsating organ.

Bobby felt her wetness pressing against him and could feel himself getting even harder. She then took one of his hands and began caressing his shaft with it while slowly pushing the bottle of Squeeze Pop into his anus.

Bobby felt a wave of pleasure as the sweet, creamy liquid filled his tight entrance, and he felt himself bucking and thrusting against Bunny’s body in time with the rhythm. Bunny responded to his movements with moans and groans of pleasure and pleasure him with her hand while continuing to fill his anus with the delicious liquid.

Eventually, Bobby could take no more and let out a loud moan as the Squeeze Pop started to flow out of him in a steady stream, coating both of their bodies in a sweet, creamy mess.

When it was all over, Bobby and Bunny lay entwined in each other’s arms, both of them exhausted from the experience. Bobby couldn’t help but smile as he thought about how his rebelliousness had led him to this moment – an experience he would never forget.

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