Big Mike’S Fat Kitchen

Big Mike’s Fat Kitchen was known in town as the place to go for some finger-licking good food. But this night, nobody knew that it was also going to be the site for some sizzling hot sex.

It was a hot summer night and the restaurant was packed with families, couples and friends eating, drinking and laughing. Among them was a young couple. They had been out for dinner once before and the chemistry between them was undeniable.

The man, Mike, was a tall, muscular man with a lean body. His warm brown eyes instantly caught the attention of the woman, who was a petite brunette with an alluring figure. Her name was Jen and she was clearly attracted to Mike.

It was clear that they had both come to Big Mike’s Fat Kitchen with one thing in mind: to have a steamy night of hot sex.

The night went on and the couple kept looking at each other with smoldering desire. Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore and they decided to go some place more private. Mike grabbed Jen’s hand and led her to the back of the restaurant.

They stumbled into a small office that was soundproof and locked with a key. Mike knew that this was the perfect spot for a night of naughty fun. He quickly locked the door and started to undress Jen. She eagerly let him take off her dress and lingerie and soon she stood in front of him in nothing but her high heels.

Mike looked at her and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. She was like a goddess standing there waiting for him to make love to her. He quickly started to undress himself and soon they were both completely naked.

Mike started to kiss Jen passionately, exploring her body with his hands and mouth. She responded to each of his touches with an ever growing desire. She moaned and gasped with pleasure as Mike caressed her body and made her feel wonderful.

Soon, they were both ready for the next step. Mike grabbed Jen and laid her down on the desk. He then started to kiss her neck and breasts while his hands explored her body. Jen was pushing herself against him and soon they were both panting with desire.

Mike then moved lower and started to pleasure her with his mouth. He licked and sucked her in all the right places, making her moan and gasp with pleasure. He was gentle but also passionate and she could feel her arousal growing more and more.

Finally, Mike got up and stood between Jen’s legs. She could feel him hard and ready and she wanted him inside her. Mike grabbed her hips and started to thrust himself into her. Jen gasped with pleasure as Mike started to move faster and faster.

She held onto him as he moved, her nails digging into his back. They were both lost in their desire and soon Mike was thrusting harder and deeper. Jen was close to her climax, her moan getting louder and louder. Finally, with a loud scream, she let go and Mike followed shortly after.

They stayed there for a while, enjoying the afterglow of their pleasure and before they knew it, the night had passed.

They got dressed and left the restaurant, not knowing that the neighbours had heard the moans coming from the office. But what happened between Mike and Jen in Big Mike’s Fat Kitchen, would stay a secret between them.

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