Big Mike’s Fat Kitchen

Big Mike’s Fat Kitchen was the hottest eatery in town, known for its huge portions and delicious down-home cooking. It was also known for being the home of Big Mike, the resident stud who loved to flirt with the ladies who frequented the place.

At first glance, Big Mike didn’t appear to be any different than any other male, with his muscular build and rugged good looks. However, there was something about Big Mike that made all the women at the eatery take a second look. It was his confidence and swagger that set him apart from all the others.

Big Mike loved the attention he received from the ladies, and one night he decided to do something about it. He noticed a beautiful young woman sitting alone at a table in the corner. She was dressed in a tight skirt and a low cut top, and Big Mike could tell she was looking for a little adventure.

Big Mike walked casually over to her table and introduced himself. The woman smiled and told him her name was Katie. After some small talk, Big Mike asked her if she was up for some fun. That’s when things started to heat up.

Big Mike took Katie’s hand, leading her away from the restaurant and towards his car. Sensing her nervousness, he gently comforted her with soft words and gentle caresses. The drive to his place was short, but by the time they arrived, Katie’s apprehension had disappeared.

Once inside his apartment, Big Mike wasted no time in making his move. His hands moved over her body as his lips worked their way up her neck, to her earlobes, and finally to her lips. His kisses were passionate and full of desire as his hands roamed freely over her body.

Katie responded eagerly to all of Big Mike’s advances, and the heat between them was intense. She moaned and groaned as Big Mike’s hands roamed further down her body, and as he cupped her breasts, she felt as if she was ready to explode.

Big Mike knew it was time to take things further, and moved his hands down to the edge of her skirt. With one swift movement, he pulled the garment up, revealing her lacy black thong. His eyes widened as he admired her beauty, and he quickly moved his hands down, pushing the fabric aside and exploring the most intimate parts of her body.

Katie gasped as Big Mike’s fingers moved inside her, and soon she was thrashing around in a passionate frenzy. His mouth moved further down her body, exploring every inch of her curves and driving her insane. As his expert hands and tongue moved within her, Katie screamed out in pure pleasure.

Big Mike kept up his ministrations for what felt like hours, and soon he was on the brink of an orgasm. Determined to make Katie cum first, he moved his hands and tongue in a rhythm sure to send her over the edge. It took a few moments, but soon enough, Katie was screaming out in ecstasy, her entire body vibrating with pleasure.

Once Katie had calmed down, Big Mike flipped her onto her belly, exposing her backside to him. He took in the sight of her round, juicy backside, and drooled a bit. His hands moved lower, until they were at the top of her thong. One swift tug was all it took, and soon the garment was on the floor, leaving nothing but her soft, supple skin visible.

Big Mike couldn’t contain his excitement any longer, and he eagerly moved his member into position. Katie’s body tensed up in anticipation, but she soon relaxed as Big Mike entered her. His thrusts were slow and steady at first, gradually increasing in speed and intensity until he was pounding her hard.

Katie pushed back against him with every thrust, digging her nails into his back as she felt her own orgasm quickly approaching. Big Mike pushed deeper and faster, and soon enough, Katie was screaming out in pleasure, as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Big Mike soon followed suit, and the two of them collapsed in a sweaty, satisfied mess. Exhausted and completely satisfied, they cuddled up in bed and enjoyed a few moments of blissful silence. Then, Big Mike opened his eyes, and the two of them shared an intense, passionate kiss, before they drifted off to sleep, sated and content.

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