Being A Pleasure Giver

Heather had always been a pleasure giver. She loved bringing joy, pleasure and satisfaction to her clients and she had a knack for making them feel special in her presence.

The pleasure she had experienced from giving pleasure was what drew her to the business. She was an escort by choice, not out of necessity, and she loved the feeling she got when her clients were satisfied. The feeling of satisfaction and power it gave her was more satisfying than any of the other jobs she had tried.

Heather had been working as an escort for just over a year when she met her latest client, a handsome and wealthy businessman who she had been told was in town on business. She was used to working with wealthy clients, but there was something special about this one that made her eager to please.

When they arrived at his hotel room, he wasted no time in getting down to business. He threw her onto the bed and quickly began exploring her body. His hands were all over her, exploring her curves and caressing her skin as he went. Soon his touch began to feel like a drug and she felt her head spin as he took her from one state of ecstasy to another.

Heather had never experienced such pleasure as he took her body on a journey of pure pleasure. His hands, mouth, and tongue explored every inch of her body, bringing a level of pleasure she hadn’t even realized existed. His touch was gentle and passionate, as if he were worshipping her body with his caress.

He moved down to her lower half and began to tease her with his mouth and tongue. His skilled tongue flicked her clit and licked her inner walls as she moaned in pleasure. She felt her arousal intensify as his tongue moved faster and his lips began to suck on her sweet spot.

Heather felt like she was being taken higher and higher until she was sure that she couldn’t take any more, but with one final thrust of his tongue, her orgasm came barreling through her body, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her veins. She trembled in delight as he licked up every last drop of her pleasure.

When Heather finally came back down from her high, she was amazed at the level of pleasure she had experienced from her client. She had been a pleasure giver for a long time, but this was the first time she had felt so deeply satisfied from the experience.

The businessman thanked her for her services and gave her a generous tip for her efforts. She smiled as she walked away, happy to have been able to please him in such a special way.

The experience had changed Heather. She now knew that her special gift was something that could bring joy and pleasure to her clients and she vowed to use her gift to bring joy and pleasure to as many people as possible. She had discovered a new level of pleasure and she was eager to explore it more deeply.

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